Use less energy!

and make a difference today

What's it all about?

We are enviro-flippin'-mental about saving the most energy we can. We're here to help you and help the environment. Our aim is to spread the word to as many people as possible about using less heating. Whether it's turning down your thermostat or using a draft excluder, we want you to do whatever you can.

What can you do to save heat energy?

Here are some ideas:

Jim's Story

Here's how Jim benefited from using less heating.

Jim was having a hard time paying for his four kids to do the best that they could at school. He was a single parent but still managed to bath them once every other day and heat his mansion. When he heard about us he realized that his life had changed for the better. By just giving him a few tips on saving energy, Jim can sort out his kids whilst not having to worry about the dreaded phone bills. Jim saved £350 on his heating bills and now he feels epic!