Inspire Innovate

Sharing of interesting and useful resources

Heather and Sophie attended the Inspire Innovate ICT conference at the end of Term 1. The resources, tools and ideas gathered from the conference have been organised according to themes which may be of interest to staff. Please see below for what tickles your fancy.

Remember today's exit ticket! Share what you have learnt or what you wish to further explore in your teaching on our Padlet Wall at the end of the session.

Yong Zhao - Inspire Innovate ICT Conference 2013


If interested, read about Black and William's 'Medals and Missions' here

Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

Web Conferencing

Adobe Connect

Heather and Flor are administrators for Adobe Connect at BSPS.

Some ideas:

  • Chat
  • Polls for quizzes
  • Buddy classes
  • Start ratings – feedback and assessment
  • Connecting year 6 students to year 7 students (peer relationships for transition)
  • Staff training and collaboration

Informational videos:

Recording and Sharing


Information and Research

How to create a canvas on Edcanvas
Educreations basics

Shared Platforms


Debategraph: What is it?

Paperless Assessments

A tour of Google Forms


Other handy sites