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SK Shemor is our Prime Vendor for cabling work. The Telecom team has capacity to perform small cabling jobs, but we usually outsource the larger jobs, like labs. Thanks for enduring partnerships, SK Shemor is performing work in gratis for a lab at Edgemere. Thanks to Network Services for brokering that exchange. You'll see that Electrical has surplus materials to help, too.


Thank you!!!! I am so honored that SK Shemor will do the labor for free! Please let me know what I need to do! I greatly appreciate it! Thank you again!

Gayla Goff | Principal

Gatewood Elementary | Oklahoma City Public Schools

1821 NW 21st Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73106


From: Washam, Steve E.
Sent: Wednesday, February 03, 2016 4:08 PM
To: Goff, Gayla A.

Subject: Lab

Ms. Goff,

I spoke with our cabling contractor today and they have surveyed your lab request and feel there is no material needed to do the work, only labor. They have generously offered to do this work for us at no charge. Mr. Trexler in the electrical department has informed us that he has materials to do the electrical work at no cost as well so it appears that we can get your lab request done at no cost to the school.


Thanks, Tami, for giving thanks. A little thanks and recognition goes a long way!

"Shaw, Tamara L." <>
Date: February 3, 2016 at 4:56:27 PM CST
To: "Klosterman, Eric A." <>
Subject: Thanks for the tutorials

Hi Eric,

Just wanted to say thanks a ton for creating the step-by-step tutorials on JAMF (Google Slides). I used two today to train a coordinator, and it was a breeze. They hardly even needed me present to help! J I appreciate you taking the time to create those for us.

Tami Shaw

Educational Technology Coach | ETS | OKCPS

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State Budget Issues

One of my favorite quotes from Good To Great by Jim Collins: "My job is to turn over rocks and look at the squiggly things, even if what you see can scare the hell out of you.”

Another quote quite fitting is: "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."

-- Aldous Huxley,

2017 Executive Budget

Governor Fallin presented the State of the State address last Tuesday. It's a long read, but find the education-centric tables and charts so you're well-informed

In the classroom: Budget cuts affect student ratio

When looking at our IT Service budget for the upcoming year, it's easy to think "Woe is me". Other sections are feeling the pinch and having to tighten belts. Worst of all, classroom sizes may increase.

Digital Promise Site Visits

Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 7:30am to Thursday, Feb. 11th, 4:30pm

OKCPS Site Visits

Digital Promise will be onsite for their second site visit. Thanks to Neal Kellogg for his outstanding logistical coordination. The three coaches will be visiting schools during these 3 days. For IT Services, Sheryl Abshire will be deep diving with us to help streamline operations and help discover operational efficiencies

Spaghetti Cook Off

Friday, Feb. 12th, 11:30am

1134 Northwest 8th Street

Oklahoma City, OK

OMES 2nd Site Visit

Friday, Feb. 19th, 8:30-11:30am

1134 Northwest 8th Street

Oklahoma City, OK

OMES will be on site for their 2nd site visit to finish up their Network Assessment. The results of the assessment will help formulate our bond issue proposal to support district-wide BYOD and 1:1 capacity.

Job Shadowing

Life got in the way! I had intended to conduct more job shadowing experiences last year. I've renewed my commitment to that experience. From a leadership perspective, it's important to walk in your shoes and to understand your challenges. I'll be reaching out to you soon to get on your calendar.

In fact, I'd encourage you to make the same efforts. Reach out to other sections. For example, Paul - reach out to Thao and see what he does day in and day out. Willeford - reach out to Washam and follow him around for a day or two. You'll find it enlightening.

School Site Visits

Last year, I had asked that you visit schools. I wanted you to see and feel our district classrooms. Remember, IT Services is more than simply operations. Our core purpose for being is students and teachers. What you do directly effects the classroom.....and you need to experience it. I'm looking forward hearing about those experiences.

Go at least once a month!

Job Satisfaction

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I saw this on Facebook recently.

You certainly don't stay for the pay. Some of us are capped at the maximum for the salary schedule. I hope you don't stay because you think it's easy. I hope you don't stay because you can't find another job that pays as well for the amount of work performed.

Rather, I hope you stay because OKCPS needs you! Our students and teachers need you!