Brandon Avellaneda Valdez


Me and Myself.

Yo, I'm Brandon. Curly hair, outgoing and funny. I like gods, dogs and Naruto. I dig a lot of games too! Like Smite, Pokemon, Fire Emblem and Destiny. My favorite bands are The growlers, Led Zeppelin and The Arctic Monkeys! I'm really into acting, english and history. I plan to become either a history or English teacher. Maybe both! I strive for the best. I'm a very ambitious person who won't give up at all! Oh and I live for my lord and savior Kanye West.
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My favorite story!

My favorite story is The Great Gatsby. I read it during my freshmen year because when I went to the library to check out a book, I saw the stunning eyes looking through the doors of my body. I couldn't resist picking it up and reading it. It was without a doubt a difficult book to read as a freshmen, but I believe it really changed the way I look at writing and literature today. The way Daisy Fey couldn't decide between Gatsby and Tom intensified the setting of the book later on. Gatsby life was very inspiring to me because I feel the feelings he felt when he was a child. A child with a rich and tasteful future. My favorite part in the book is when Gatsby takes Nick to a restaurant in his piercing yellow car. He speaks about his time in war, his art, hobbies and his riches.