Tropic wonder

Tropic Wonder

the tropic wonder is the newst wonder that hit the shevels this year. the tropic wonder is made up of cantolope, coconut, and bananas. when all of them come together they make the new wonder fruit
some super powers this fruit has is the ability to make anyone happy and relaxed for a long peroid of time.

what is the tropic wonder

the tropic wonder is a super fruit made up of a coconut, banana, and a cantaloupe. all these colorful and both flavorful fruits will make u feel relaxed in any enviroment you might find your slef in. this fruit is turly a wonder food.

nutritiional facts

the nutritional facts of this wonder fruit is.

.high in vitamin A, this will help your immune system

.high in vitamin C, this will help your over all heart heart

.low in calories, so you can limit your dayly intake

.low in suger, so you can be more healthy

.low in sodium, this will help with you daily intake