Upper Body

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Upper body workouts

Start with 2-3 minutes of cardio warmup or different range of exercises such as tiptoe walking lunges, overhead squats holding a dowel, torso twists, or the old stand-by for the entire body, jumping jacks.

Vertical pull: Pullups are one of the best upper body exercises. climbers can use these in their training during the pre-season to build up their vertical pulling strength in the forearms, lats, biceps, and fingers.

Vertical Push: Overhead Presses Try switching between this exercise and pull-ups,you should use a barbell, EZ bar, thick bar, or dumbbells; people might also choose to use kettlebells.

Horizontal Pull: Cable Rows to Face To work the opposite muscle group to the horizontal pull, include triceps pushups or narrow dumbbell bench presses

other excerises include peck deck, lap pulldown, seated row and calf raises.

Warm up

dynamic stretches are great for warming up the targeted muscle groups and slowly increasing range of motion. Statically stretches are best done at the end of your workouts, as part of a cool-down, to help restore flexibility to tightened, shortened muscles. Yoga positions fall between the two units of “dynamic” warm-up type movements and “static” held positions. Those positions that allow you to get into greater range of motion as your core increases are appropriate to place at the beginning of your workout while those that encourage stillness or relaxation should be reserved for the end.

Dynamic stretches start out with small movements and, as the muscles warm up and stretch, include range of motion about a joint.

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