RHHS: Back to School Basics!

#LND - #LeaveNoDoubt

School start/dismissal times

School begins at 7:30am with dismissal at 2:30pm.

All students will begin at 7:30am in ADVISEMENT on the first day, Monday, August 6th.

Students will continue reporting to ADVISEMENT at 7:30am through Thursday of the first week. If your child is unsure of where to go for advisement, we will have adults in every hall with a list - he/she simply needs to ask someone for help.

During the school day, class changes are 7 minutes long. For most students, this is more than enough time to get between classes. Students are allowed to use the bus ramp to move between classes at class changes. During the first few days of school, we are patient and work with students to get to each class.

What to wear to RHHS

RHHS follows and enforces the Bryan County Schools dress code expectations. A link below will take you to the BCS Student Handbook for a full description of the dress code. Historically, most infractions have been related to the following expectations:

  • shorts, skirts, dresses must extend beyond the length of fingertip
  • no undergarments can be visible
  • no spaghetti straps, but sleeveless is ok
  • no hats/headcoverings/bandanas/scarves may be worn
  • if leggings are worn, the top must extend to mid-thigh

Earphones/headphones are not allowed to be used or be visible on campus. Students must disconnect from their devices and store these BEFORE coming on campus.

Link to BCS Handbook: https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/190122/BCS_Student_Handbook_18-19.pdf

Bus transportation

RHHS, at this time, has 17 buses transporting students to and from school. The bus routes have been published, and a link to these routes is included below.

Buses should arrive at RHHS at about 7am, and buses generally are released from RHHS around 2:37pm.

Again, the first few days we hold buses and do our very best to make sure we have students on the buses and the correct routes. Students can ask any teacher for help, but 4th block teachers, specifically, have been tasked with working with students to help them with bus routes and making sure they know which bus to ride.

RHHS Bus Routes: https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/197601/RHHS_8-1.pdf

Parking on campus for students

All students parking cars on campus must obtain a parking permit - even Dual Enrolled students.

On the first day of school, August 6th, all vehicles parked on campus must have the required parking permit displayed.

Students who don't have a permanent parking permit/decal may register with a temporary - students are granted only 3 temporary decals/year.

Vehicles that do not have the permanent decal or a temporary permit will be towed.

Use the link below if you need a temporary parking decal for the first day:


Breakfast and Lunch at RHHS

RHHS does not serve breakfast. Once the school year is fully underway, different clubs take turns selling breakfast biscuits on certain mornings.

RHHS will have 5 lunches this year. A student's lunch period depends on his/her 3rd block teacher. Teachers will work with students to help them identify their correct lunch period. We are very patient and forgiving the first few days of school, trust me. Students must eat in the cafeteria assigned to their class - the only exception to this is seniors, who may choose to eat in east cafeteria. The cost of lunch is $2.75. Parents may deposit money into lunch accounts through SchoolBucks:


ALL families are encouraged to apply for free/reduced lunch. In recent years, with changes in our economy, more students meet the guidelines to be eligible for free/reduced lunch.

The free/reduced lunch application can be printed from this link, or you can pick up this form from your child's advisor during Open House. I strongly encourage all students/families to consider applying for this. If you need assistance completing the application, please call the school - we are always happy to help!

Clinic forms

Do you have a child that needs to have medication in school?

Please download the forms that you need and provide them to our nurse. (link to forms below)

No student is permitted to carry medication to/from school or be in possession of any medication except under specific circumstances.

Medication of any form (over the counter or prescription) must be registered. Medications must be delivered by parent or guardian to the school clinic.

Please feel free to contact either of our nurses if you have questions or need additional information:

Nurse Parker: tparker@bryan.k12.ga.us

Nurse Dragon: tdragon@bryan.k12.ga.us

The link below will take you to our webpage with our clinic forms:


Your child's counselor

RHHS has six counselors. Students are assigned counselors according to last names. The counseling suites are located in the 500 wing of the school.

Rhashida Bunyan

students with last names A-Daly

Emily Neff

last names Daniel-Hernandez Massey

Deanna Appleton

last names Herring-Michaud

Laine Lynch, department chair

last names Michel-Sanchez

Saraswati Hendrix

last names Sanderlin - Z

Jennifer Blanton

Graduation Coach