How to Make a cover pic for Youtube

On the App Pics Art

Step 1

go on the app and click on the glowing pencil.

Step 2

then there are a few options...

Edit my photos




Choose one!

Step 3

For this tutorial we will be using "edit my photos''

Once you have chosen a picture, There will be many options.

Step 4

You will see many options such as...

crop the photo

Put effects on it

You can collage it

Change the color

And many more

step 5

You want to click on effect, which is the second button.

Step 6

Then while in effect click your favorite of the options

Step 7

For another fun option choose mask, which is the 6th on the list.

Step 8

Then go to text to write on your photo

Step 9

Many options for text including, fonts, colors sizes,places,lines, and choose what you want to say.

We suggest writing your youtube name.

Step 10

Then click on lens flare

Step 11

Here you can add different flashes adding a dash of color to your picture

Step 12

Then go to frame

Step 13

Here you can choose a frame to put on your fun photo.

There are many options.

Step 14

Then if you want you can choose draw, where you can write on your photo in different colors.

Step 15

Then save your photo, and upload it to a computer, where you can post it for your cover photo.
Hope this helped.

This awesome app is for Android and Apple

By Kloey Criscillis and Isabella Iafrate

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