Alban Sinani

Job Summary

A surgeon is a doctor that is trained to help people out by changing their body parts. A surgeons job is very difficult they have to take out body parts that don't function properly and replace them with a new part. A job outlook for a surgeon is very good there are about 691,400 openings needed for 2020. A surgeons responsibility is to fill out papers, be able to work on a patients body, and be able to talk to people for their problems. For a person to become a surgeon the would have to go through 4 years of undergraduate school, 4 years of medical school, and 3 to 8 years of residency. The estimated salary for a surgeon is $205,000. Most surgeons work in hospitals or clinics, but they need to be able to work at any time and any place.

Ways to prepare at Leyden

Courses at Leyden

  • Medical Careers
  • Biology
Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Speech
  • National Honors Society

earning experience

  • I could volunteer in a hospital
  • Shadow other surgeons
  • Do summer classes


Mr. Hiesler

Mr. Pecucci

Ms. Marteniez

Post-Secondary plans

Related College Majors

  • Cellular and molecular biology
Training Programs

  • Terminology
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Pharmacology

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Summer classes

Shadow surgeons

Work in a hospital

5 options to help reach this goal



Loyola College

1032 W Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60660

Summer Internship

John Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD 21218

Summer class



Hi my name is Alban and I am doing a research on being a surgeon. I found your email on your website. I hope you don't mind me asking a couple questions about your career. What do you do day to day? How is your working envirnment? How long did you study for this career? Also what are the essensail thing I need to know?
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