Zach's lie

Jacob Shepherd

Info about the novel

title;Zach lie Author; Roland Smith

Summary of Zach's Lie

The Osborne's are a normal family with a big house. The Father is not always around. They have a normal life until one night... In the middle of the night the Osborne's were rudely awakened. There were several men wearing ski masks. The men told the family if they told the police or anybody they would kill them. Jack's father (Neil) was arrested by the DEA for flying for the Aznar drug cartel. And they are relocated where Zach/Jack finds someone who he really likes and ends up dating.

Where does Zach's lie take place?

Zach's lie takes place in Elko, Nevada.

Roland Smith.

Roland Smith was born in Portland, Oregon. He was given a manual typewriter at the age of five. Roland Smith was a worker at a children zoo in Portland. Two Agoutis (large rodents from South America) escaped and everyone at the zoo thought they were never going to be found so his boss told him to go out and find them as a joke. Roland Smith not only found them but he also captured them and brought them back to the zoo.

People that influenced Zach in Zach's lie

Zach/Jack is the main character, before they were relocated Zach had broken both of his legs in his sister's (Joanne) red tights. Zach's dad had given him Commander IF when he was in the hospital.

Joanne/Wanda is Jack's sister. She had tried out for the lead roll in "The Ghost of the Opera". She is a great singer.

Neil Osborne is Jack's father. He flew for Alonzo Aznar drug cartel. Neil had given Jack Commander IF (Imaginary friend) who is a small wooden astronaut. Neil was a former Navy SEAL.

Catalin is Zach's "girlfriend" she is his one of his first real friends in Elko, Nevada. She invites him up in the Ruby mountains to meet Benat her granfather.

Sam Sebasta is a former KGB agent. He helps Zach when things go wrong.

Peter Short is the eighth grader who causes things to go wrong and ruins Zach's life in Elko.

Patricia Osborne is Jack and Joanne's mother.

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Peak, Shatter proof, Independence hall, Elephant Run, Cryptid Hunters, Tentacles, The White House, Storm Runners, Ethics, Sasquatch.

Personal Recommendation

I liked the book. I would recommend the book. I would recommend the book because it was very good. The book was really good at building suspense. The twist at the end was very well thought out.