By: Taylor Tagliavia

The Steve's

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were the brilliant creators of Apple. They had dreams of building an amazing computer but had many struggles throughout the way. The two Steve's had a huge obsession with computers and technology. Steve Wozniak worked for Hewlett Packard also known as HP. He loved designing and creating computers a lot o the point where that's all he did while he was working at Apple. Steve Jobs on the other hand worked with Atari (a graphics/game making company). He never graduated college but was inspired by his adopted father to make something that can have an impact on the world. The two Steve's created their first computer in a garage April 1st 1976 because they had the opportunity to make money from their interests.


Apple started out fairly slow because only two people were working in the company. They were also in dept because to make a computer it took a lot of time and a lot of money. They didnt even have the money to make high quality computers so the Steve's made them with no screen or keyboard. Then when they started to get sales and make better computers that have screens and keyboards they set up stock and it sold out instantly! Apple became a huge success coming out with iTunes, iPods, iPhones, Ipads, iMacs, and Macbooks. It progressed in material because i used to be wood aand plastic and now it's metal.

Their Products

Apple set the future by the style and power of their products. Schoo,s and businesses use the products in their everyday lives. Nowadays people wouldn't have the chance to facetime, have itunes the app used to download music, faraway calls, or play games on a hand held device or computer.

Steve Jobs the Body of Apple (Fun and Fast Facts)

Steve Jobs had many strange facts about him but here are just a few:

  • He almost skipped 2 grades in middle school
  • He was adopted
  • Didn't have a college degree
  • He didn't help with programming the computers (more on the sales side)
  • He was a vegan and believed that because he was a vegan he didn't need to shower
  • He considered buying Yahoo but didn't
  • And his first job was in an apple orchard.

The Best Apple Product

There are many opinios on what should be the best Apple product but according to statistics the Mac OS X claimed that award. The Mac OS X lion, tiger, jaguar, (etc) was named after the big cats because of the products speed and ability to do things that other portable things can't. The product is very simple to use and has easy to get to programms. The product was the tenth version of the OS X and this version was specially made with unique names such as the big cats. It wins the deserving reward because it set the future for its high quality and portability laptops award.
Unaired Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar Commercial "Touching"