What the Tech?

Pinterest for Teachers

Pinterest, as many already know, is an online pinboard where shared content is driven entirely by images. In fact, you can’t share something on Pinterest unless an image is involved.

Like every other social media site, Pinterest has its own lingo:

  • When you share something on Pinterest, each bookmark is called a pin.

  • When you share someone else’s pin on Pinterest, it’s called a repin.

  • You group pins together by topic onto various boards or pinboards in your profile.

You can share images you find online, or you can directly upload images onto Pinterest. Using the Pin It extension, you can share directly to Pinterest from any web page. You can also share your pins on Twitter and Facebook.

As a teacher, Pinterest is a great place to search for and gather resources into one convenient place. Pins can come from Google Docs, websites, other Pinterest boards, etc. You can create your own boards, both personal and educational, even create secret (private) boards where you collaborate with only certain people, like your PLC group or friends in a book club.

This share will be two weeks and everyone will work at their own pace. If you don't have a Pinterest account or have one but haven't really used it, I'll get you started and we can go over some of the basics. If you do have an account, you can move ahead into completing the activities (levels) further down in this flyer.

See you in the morning!

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Level up!

Congratulations! You are now a Pinterest expert!

Next week: Leveling up! More time to play with Pinterest!