Similarities between modern stories and Greek mythology.


Monster is about a 16 year old boy who is in jail, and has to attend court for felony murder that he didn't commit.

Featuring Steve Harmon as the Protagonist

Steve Harmon is an honest 16 year old boy who is on trial for a felony murder that he didn't commit, and he has to try to convince the jury that he's innocent.

Steve Harmon and the other two men accused of felony murder



The first thing I'm connecting between my book and Greek Mythology is how the judge in the book Monster doesn't approve of Steve Harmon's actions and how in the myth Pyramus and Thisbe their parents don't approve of their love. Pyranus and Thisbe were very passionate about each other and they killed themselves because they couldn't be together and Steve Harmon is passionate about life outside prison and talks about killing himself if he is proven guilty.

Connection #2

The second connection I have is how Pyramus, Thisbe and Steve Harmon are all desperate; but in separate ways, Pyramus and Thisbe are desperate to get out of their houses and see each other and Steve Harmon is desperate to get out of jail.

Connection #3

My third connection is how things still get in the way and people still die in modern literature just as they did in Greek Mythology. Like in Pyramus and Thisbe a lioness got in the way of them being together because Pyramus thought the lioness killed Thisbe so he killed himself then Thisbe came back and killed herself because she saw her lover dead on the ground and in Monster the owner of the drug store got in the way of the store being robbed and tried to stop it but was shot by his own gun and died.

Connection #4

Steve Harmon could be considered an archetypal hero just like they had in Greek Mythology (ex. Perseus, Theseus, and Hercules); because he lives away from home (in prison), there was a traumatic event (store owner killed), he goes through personal atonement (making up for the store owners death in prison), he has special help (helped by his lawyer), and at the end he gets apotheosis (he is rewarded with his freedom).

Connection #5

The next connection I have is how modern literature and Greek Mythology both can be used to teach us lessons. Like in Orpheus and Eurydice trust the people you care about, Steve had to trust his lawyer. In Cupid and Psyche it teaches you to be honest just like Steve did. Cupid and Psyche also teaches us to not judge people based on appearance like Steve was. Pyramus and Thisbe teaches to know all the facts before you make a decision the jury should have done this but they didn't and Steve Harmon was wrongfully convicted even before his trial.

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