Period 5: 1848-1877

Nicholas Mumford January 5, 2016

Events, Facts, & People

Compromise Of 1877- an agreement that would make Hayes the president if he had at least one democrat in is cabinet, states would have control over the federal troops in their areas, and states would receive funding for internal improvements. It was accepted and Hayes became the 19th president.

Ku Klux Klan- a group of racist, southern whites that terrorized African Americans by lynching, assaulting, and vandalizing.

- led to the enforcement acts

Jim Crow Laws- State and local laws segregating the blacks and lowering their ability to vote.

- ex. poll taxes & literacy tests

Draft Riots- A massive riot against the federal government due to the draft in New York. The draft, picked randomly, people to fight in the Civil War.

Thomas Nast- a cartoonist that drew cartoons of "Tweed", a corrupt political figure, demonstrating his illegal actions to control voting and steal money. Nast's portraying Tweed's real actions and crimes lead to his arrest and imprisonment.


POL- During the years from 1848 through 1877, the american government as a whole had been split due the formation of the Confederate States of America and the Civil War and reformed during the reconstruction era. Lincoln's leadership during the war also showed that the United States government was capable of surviving, even through a civil war.

WOR- In the years of 1848-1877, America had gained thousands of acres of land west and started constructing railroads and factories to improve the economy. America was on its way to become one of the world's major power's, not only because of the healthy economy but also because of its growing Army and Navy abilities.

APUSH Review: Tammany Hall and "Boss" Tweed