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Hooray for SEAN! by Alison Dominguez-Dorsa

May 22, 2017

So I am one who likes to praise those who provide a positive experience. Many of you do not know this but my son has struggled in school since kindergarten. Sean had various scholastic and physical tests done but still no progress was made. It wasn't until January of this year at The Thinking Center that his life changed. When we went to the Thinking Center, Amy told me what the issue was within ten minutes of our meeting. (Granted we provided her all records needed). My son, Sean, not only does his regular homework, but he goes to the Thinking Center twice a week for therapy, does a web based learning program five days a week and sees a child therapist every other week. (Besides other activities.) Today we got the I-ready test scores back, and he improved 122 points alone in reading and 42 points in Math. This shows a year and a half worth of progress. I am so proud of him for his hard work and not giving up. Thank you, Amy, at The Thinking Center for helping him in ways Jeff and I cannot. Sean will continue to grow and flourish with your assistance.

My friends in Sarasota and surrounding areas- if your child is struggling in school and needs help - please please try The Thinking Center off of Clark Road.

3rd Grade - Honor Roll Celebration! 5/2015

I just wanted to let you know that Brea got the top SAT 10 score for my class!!!! :-)!!!! I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of her! You did an amazing job with her over last summer and she hit the ground running when she came to me in the fall and never looked back. Even through all of the things that she's endured this year, she still was above and beyond! I will forever sing your praises and send every kid I know to you who needs help! Congratulations!

Thank You,

Melissa Giovanni-Walters

Ashton Elementary School

Second Grade Teacher

Just Wait for IT!

Every now and then I am fortunate to receive an update from a parent on a student. When I do, I like to share them because hope is hope and we all deserve to feel hopeful. I am so proud of my student, Eli Weiss - trials and tribulations to triumphant with continued successes! It is an honor and privilege to be part of a family's village!

Dear Amy:

The truth about this moment in time: Eli would not have graduated from a 4 year fully accredited University with a skill that will be his life's work without Amy Weinberger.

Had his father not had that "go to place" for help during some very dark times I can't imagine where this journey would have gone off the tracks completely. Your ability to get him turned around, and focused, has been the "skeleton key" that always unlocked the solution.

Your trips to Orlando during his struggle with cancer is just another example of your dedication to your profession, and to the families that are lucky enough to have found you. Always going beyond the $$ value to make sure your "guy" was not going to fail.

Thank you does not begin to express my gratitude, and I know Eli's, for your ever present support. I know as time goes on he will be seeking counseling, and direction from that person he could always trust for the neutral, correct, take on any issue, or challenge.

Cum Laude!!! Amy, even you couldn't have predicted that outcome 10 years ago, I sure as hell would have just been thankful to get him out of high school at that point in time. Missed Summa by, I think, .02.

So...all that comes to mind is "Thank you". and it "ain't over", we are talking Masters, I am talking "Go Man, Go".

Kindest regards,

Peter Weiss

She's Going to Lynn University!

Dear Amy,

I've been meaning to say that I'm very excited about Jordan getting into Lynn University!!! THANK YOU so much for all of your tremendous guidance and support! I honestly don't think that it would've turned out nearly as well had you not been there for us. You really deserve a lot the credit. Thank you for caring!

Lance Stonecypher, Parent

Thank you!

I am new to Sarasota, FL and found the many choices of charter and public schools bewildering from up North. My daughter has learning challenges and requires help with executive functioning that is not taught at most middle schools. I researched the help centers and talked with my trusted friends at a local woman's group and one name rose to the top of the list: Amy Weinberger, of The Thinking Center (http://www.thinkingcenter.com). She is passionate about helping kids that are struggling and it drives her to work long and hard. She is respected, infectiously fun, positive, caring, persistent, smart, ethical, resourceful, and effective. Unlike others, Amy is exemplar! Yet above that, my daughter loves her and is inspired to create great things with Amy's help! Amy advocates self reliance and gets it, no pleading, shouting or nagging needed. Many of the centers use teachers or students part-time, yet Amy is well qualified in the areas she consults. The Thinking Center is a family business, not a chain, and Amy learned by doing for her own kids with learning disabilities. Her son, Jake even works with my daughter while he attends Manatee Technical School in Bradenton. In summary, I unequivocally trust Amy to do the best for my daughter.

Jolena Sloane - Parent

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