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33rd Week Edition: 5/2/22 - 5/6/22

Teacher Appreciation Week

Dear, Teachers,

The students of Cypress Creek Middle School are fortunate to have this group of educators in their lives. The impact that each of you have made on your students will never be forgotten; you are responsible for who they want to become, the dream they want to fulfill, and/or the future life that they aspire to live.

Recently, my wife and I had dinner with a former student and his wife. I coached this young man 15 years ago, and my wife was his ELA teacher. You do not know the affect your actions and words have on young minds until later in life when you run in to that student at the grocery store and he's so excited to see you that he requests a double date to catch up. Only then, when you sit down at dinner and are thanked and told about the impact you made on his life, do you actually realize it.

Thank you for the countless hours that you have dedicated to your profession, the passion that you exhibit for your craft, and the unyielding love that you demonstrate for your students. Being a teacher is more than introducing content and knowledge. It is serving as a parental figure in the classroom, being a student's cheerleader, serving as an advocate, and modeling proper character. The affect of your influence is more powerful than you could ever imagine.


Teacher Appreciation Activities!!!

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Teacher Appreciation Dress-Up Days!!!

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Monday 5/2/22: CC+6

  • Teacher Appreciation Week Dress-Up Day - "Comfy Clothes"
  • 7:30 AM - Breakfast for Teachers - Black Box
  • 7:30 AM - Discipline/PBIS Committee Meeting - Maker Space
  • Core to 2nd Period - 6th Grade FSA Reading Session 1
  • 9:34 AM - SIT - Room 1-127
  • 10:24 AM - Lunch for Teachers - Black Box

Tuesday 5/3/22: CC+1

  • Teacher Appreciation Week Dress-Up Day - "If I Weren't a Teacher"
  • Core to 2nd Period - 6th Grade FSA Reading Session 2
  • 10:24 AM - Lunch for Teachers - Black Box
  • 1:40pm (beginning 6th period) ATP Drill Video Scenario #10 Link

Wednesday 5/4/22: CC+2

  • Teacher Appreciation Week Dress-Up Day - "First Day of Summer Vacay"

  • Core to 2nd Period - 6th Grade FSA Math Session 1

  • 10:24 AM - Lunch for Teachers - Black Box

Thursday 5/5/22: CC+3

  • Teacher Appreciation Week Dress-Up Day - "Thank You CCMS Teachers"
  • 7:30 AM - SSAP Meeting
  • Core to 2nd Period - 6th Grade FSA Math Session 2

Friday 5/6/22: CC+4

  • Teacher Appreciation Week Dress-Up Day - "Dress Like Your Students"
  • School Lunch Hero Day
  • 7:30 AM - Breakfast for Teachers - Black Box
  • Core to 2nd Period - 7th Grade FSA Reading Session 1
  • 1:30 PM - Gradventure Field Trip
  • 2:45 PM - Girls and Boys Open Gym

Upcoming Events

May 10th- Growlers Athletic Awards Ceremony 6pm CCHS Stadium

May 21- 8th Grade Winter Formal 6pm-9pm in CCMS Courtyard

May 24th- 8th Grade Field Day- CCMS Field 10:30-2:30pm

May 24th-8th Grade Promotion Ceremony 6pm at CCHS Gym

Growlers Athletic Awards Ceremony 6pm CCHS Stadium

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

Join us in supporting mental health the week of May 16th!
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8th Grade Promotion Ceremony May 24th, 2022 6pm CCHS Gym

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CCMS Tech Help

If you are having an issue with Grade Cam (a camera issue, not automatically entering grades in myStudent, etc.), please submit a ticket in Web Help Desk for assistance. Web Help Desk is the life preserver icon on your myPascoConnect dashboard. Someone from the Cypress Creek tech team will be out to help you as soon as possible.

Also, submit a ticket for any other technology-related issue you are having instead of contacting Farah. Farah is incredibly helpful, but it is the role of Tech Services to support school technology devices and software.

Math B.E.S.T. Standards Parent Night

Florida’s B.E.S.T Standards for Mathematics

Virtual Parent Night

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

6.p.m – 7 p.m.


PBIS District Walkthroughs

On April 19th Deedra Mitchell, the Program Coordinator over Social Emotional Learning at the District will be visited our campus and teachers' classrooms. Based on her walkthroughs CCMS scored an overall 99% in Tier 1 PBIS implementation, we only had one student of five random students asked that could not fully explain our HOWL expectations.
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Congratulations to Mr. Braun and his Debate Team!

Last Saturday, 4/23, Mr. Braun's Speech & Debate Team accepted their invitation to the State Championship in Orlando. His students participated in the following events:

  • Impromptu Speaking -- Colt Glenn. The judges noted his ability to enthrall an audience.
  • Informative Speaking -- Keagan Joyce. The judges compared his poise and delivery to that of a seasoned court attorney.
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debate -- Daniel Park. The judges noted Daniel's use of research and quick analytical thinking.
  • Extemporaneous Speaking -- Noah Baune, Isabel Geskey, Gabrielle Walker. The judges noted Noah's use of analogies and seamless recall of European inflation rates. They also noticed Gabrielle's superb use of humor and research. Isabel's judges praised her connection with the audience and her ability to craft compelling opening statements.

Overall, congratulations to Mr. Braun's Speech & Debate team! It was their first year as a club, and we are sure they will keep doing well in years to come.

Online ESOL Endorsement Courses - Summer 2022 Schedule

Information about ESOL endorsement online courses offered through Pasco County Schools is below. Registration opens May 2nd, 2022. To receive in-service points, all applicants must register through myPGS for each ESOL endorsement online course they wish to enroll in. Our ESOL Program policy allows teachers to take one ESOL Endorsement course each year.

Please note that instructional staff who have been contacted by Human Resources regarding automatic summer enrollment are prioritized and will receive notification of enrollment status via myPGS. Contact your certification specialist to verify the correct ESOL online course you need and for information about your ESOL timeline. Click here for more information regarding ESOL endorsement requirements and upcoming course schedules.

ESOL Endorsement Course Name

Course and Section numbers on myPGS

Course Dates

Registration on myPGS:

Start and End Date


ESOL Assessments

Course # 4262

Section # 31254

Starts on 05/20/2022

Ends on 07/29/2022

Starts on 5/2/2022

Ends on 5/13/2022


ESOL Methods

Course # 4264

Section # 31253

Starts on 05/20/2022

Ends on 07/29/2022

Starts on 5/2/2022

Ends on 5/13/2022


ESOL Curriculum

Course # 4265

Section # 31255

Starts on 05/20/2022

Ends on 07/29/2022

Starts on 5/2/2022

Ends on 5/13/2022


ESOL Language and Literacy

Course # 4266

Section # 31256

Starts on 05/20/2022

Ends on 07/29/2022

Starts on 5/2/2022

Ends on 5/13/2022


ESOL Culture

Course # 4263

Section # 30952

Starts on 05/20/2022

Ends on 07/29/2022

Starts on 5/2/2022

Ends on 5/13/2022


ESOL for School Administrators and Counselors

Course # 4216

Section # 31251

Starts on 05/20/2022

Ends on 07/29/2022

Starts on 5/2/2022

Ends on 5/13/2022


ESOL for Content Areas

Course # 4261

Section # 31250

Starts on 05/20/2022

Ends on 06/10/2022

Starts on 5/2/2022

Ends on 5/13/2022

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CCMS Testing Calendars & Updates

District Finals

Please see email sent from Bennett for specific information regarding district finals. Testing days are located on the same testing calendar as FSA.

District Finals Schedule SMALL GROUP Schedule

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Need to Schedule a Parent Teacher Conference?

Conference Form:

The following information is required:

1. Who is initiating the meeting?

2. Who is facilitating this meeting? (Noted in names & titles of invitees)

3. What is the reason this meeting is being called?

4. During the conference someone needs to identify as the notetaker and use the District Conference Notes form.

5. All members in the conference should receive a copy of the Conference Notes.

***The Grade Level Counselor and Administrator should always be included.***

***If the student is ESE, their case manager would need to be included.***

Looking for a Past Version of the Hub?

All past versions of the Hub can be accessed directly on our school website under the Howler Hub link. CCMS Website

Employee Referral Program

Employee Referral Program

Information will go out to all employees later this week regarding Pasco County Schools new Employee Referral Program. Staff members that refer a new employee to Pasco County Schools will be paid a $65 referral fee. The following are the program requirements:

  • The new employee must list the referring employee on the “Personal Information Form” in the employee’s onboarding paperwork.
  • The new employee must work a minimum of 30 days in the new position before the referral fee will be paid.

This program will continue as long as funding is available.

How to Connect Students with Counselors

The Counselors, wanted to clarify our protocol for when we see students. Our plan is that we will meet with students that are sent to us, only if they have a pass provided by their teacher (the Counselor or Student Services pass). They need to check in with their teachers first for attendance purposes and permission to leave class. They can't come in-between bells. There are Counselor Slips in a clear mailbox on each of our doorways. If we're not there, students can fill out a slip and slide under our door, we'll get to them when we're available (please do not email us asking us where we are or if we are available for a student). There are times that we will occasionally call classrooms to pull students if we need to meet with them but again, they will return to you with a pass. Students shouldn't be going to the front office to locate us unless it is an absolute emergency. Please don't assume your students are with us if they say they are. This is a supervision concern, and it was one of our biggest issues last year. Feel free to email or call if you ever need to confirm their presence. Thank you!

Your School Counselors are:

Catherine Santos - 6th Grade Ext. 64617 Room 3-101B

Emily Cooper - 7th Grade Ext. 64618 Room 3-201B

Marc Shanberg - 8th Grade Ext. 64619 Room 3-301B

Staff Absences

Just a friendly reminder, when you are going to be absent:
  1. First request to do so by completing a leave request.
  2. Once this is approved, input the absence in SmartFind.
  3. All staff should attach their lesson plans and copy of the assignment in SmartFind so Farah can have access to plans for subs/ coverage.
  4. Lastly, confirmation numbers should be emailed to Farah Bishop at
  6. Please Note: Madison cannot make copies

Coyote Success Center is Now Open!!!

The Coyote Success center is opening! The student success is a place for our ESE, 504 and ESOL students to receive extra help, take a test or quiz, or receive extra support from our support facilitators! The Success Lab is located in room 3-222.

Important things to Remember:

  • You must make a reservation (our ESE teacher need to be prepare for students while adhering to the social distancing guidelines)
  • If you are sending multiple students you do not have to fill out separate reservation forms, just list all student in the form
  • Be specific on why you are sending this student

Please use this link to make a reservation

Retirement and Future Planning

Gary Cucchi with Florida Educators Insurance is offering some great financial workshops for all of our staff.

2021 Workshop Line up

Setting up an appointment to discuss retirement/drop

For Current Clients: Schedule an Annual Review Meeting

Student of the Week Nomination

Did a student exemplify our H.O.W.L. mission this week? Recognize them here:

Click here to nominate your student of the week

Staff Member of the Week Nomination

Did someone exemplify our H.O.W.L. mission this week? Recognize them here:

Click here to nominate a staff member


Do you have a student who needs additional Support?

The CCMS School Intervention Team (SIT) is a multidisciplinary team including staff, behavior specialist, school counselors, administrators, ESE staff, school psychologist, school social worker, school nurse, SRO, and SSAP coach that meets each week to review students in need of additional supports. Any staff member may refer a student to the Student Services Team via the MachForm link below.

The following include rationale for additional support:

  • attendance problems
  • academic issues after attempts to resolve
  • significant changes in attitude, behavior, or academics
  • economic hardships
  • withdrawn or isolated
  • patterns of behavior inconsistent with school mission and motto
  • failure to respond to interventions or consequences even after contact home

Feedback forms for each student reviewed will be shared with staff directly related to the student after review.

Need to Refer a Student to the School Intervention Team (SIT)?

If you wish to refer a student to the School Intervention Team, please fill out the Student Services Referral Form.


Leave Request

Click here to complete the MachForm

Announcement Request

Click here If you would like to request a morning/afternoon announcement.

Lunch Detention Request

Click here if you like to request a student to serve a lunch detention.

Activate Your Badge

Attention CCMS Staff!

Please complete the following MachForm to activate your ID badge

Maintenance Requests

Please complete this form if you find broken or damaged items in your classroom. Have any maintenance need.

Activities Request

Activities Request Report

If you are interested in holding an event on campus, creating a fundraiser, etc. please submit an activities request for approval. Please note that all activity requests must be completed and approved two weeks in advance.

Activities Request Link:

Do You Have a Question or a Suggestion?

Coyote Voice

Click here to submit any suggestions or questions.