Where I Stand

Snow Removal, Unfinished Construction and Garbage Disposal

The Problems of Snow Removal

In Canada, there tends to be quite a bit of snow in the harsh winters. The Snow Plough in Markham does help with pushing away the snow in the middle of the streets, but unfortunately it pushes the leftover snow to the side of the streets, where people's driveways start. This leaves the problem to the people of those homes, unable to leave their own driveways, forced to shovel the leftover snow and be late for work. But there is a solution. The city of Markham can make a movement to clean up their mess and have a second snow plough specifically for the side of streets to pick up the left over snow behind the first snow plough.
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Unfinished Construction

You look over and you see a empty building, unfinished and not a construction worker in sight, and its mid June. You never know, it could be the owner ran out of funds for building, but the biggest problem is the fact that there are too many workers on say a bus stop, but no workers on other projects. Unfinished construction can be a huge problem in the town of Markham, buildings unattended and unfinished, even though its the season for it. That's why the Municipal government should make it so construction workers are evened out on all projects, so it can be more efficient and it makes the town look better.
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Garbage Disposal Issue

Its Garbage day, and you forget that the garbage truck came at 7:00am, so you have to keep your week's worth of trash for one more. Waste management in Markham is a problem that is rising. People have to keep all of their trash and nothing to do with it for a whole week! Although there is a solution, and I suggest it should be used. Either Markham should make the garbage truck come at a later time, or make a second garbage truck come at 7:00pm so there is a an extra 12 hours for someone to get their trash in order. I suggest the first solution, because not only does it seem reasonable, but it is less expensive then the second solution.
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