Paul's Case Liteary Analysis

Alex Harrell

Point of View

The author uses an omniscient point of view. The author initially tells the story from the teacher's point of view then switches to Paul's point of view. The teacher's do not why Paul resents them. Paul dislikes himself and envies what other people have. Paul admires orchestra's and performances but realizes it still doesn't give him happiness. The eye's represent Paul's eyes looking at himself and his life.

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The author characterizes Paul as unattractive and lonely. Paul's loneliness is what lead him to be unhappy and not reach fulfillment. The person standing alone represents Paul always being alone and deep in thought.

PublicDomainPictures. Man Lonely Standing Thinking Sun Sunset Sunsets. Digital image. N.p., 21 Dec. 2012. Web.


The story opens up at Paul's school where the teacher's are discussing Paul's peculiar behavior. The story then shifts to Carnegie Hall where Paul is an usher. After work instead of going into his run down house, Paul stays in his basement for the night. The story ends in the New York where Paul kills himself. The run down house represents Paul's breaking point before he decided to leave for New York. Then when Paul found out he had to go back home he reached another breaking part and killed himself because he still wasn't happy.

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The Red Carnation represents Paul. When Paul was being talked to by his teachers he had a red carnation tucked in his shirt. The teacher's regarded this as disrespectful when really Paul was indifferent. At the end of the on the way to the train station Paul buys carnations and buries them in the snow. This represents Paul burying himself. Paul kills himself because he still wasn't happy with what he thought he wanted.

DeMers, James. Red Carnations Flowers Fragrant Perennial. Digital image. N.p., 29 Dec. 2012. Web.


The theme is the path that it thought to be right will not always lead to fulfillment. Paul always thought he wanted to be out of his life and in the music scene. When he went to New York and did that he was still lonely and unhappy. Because he is still unhappy, Paul kills himself. The sunset represents death.

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