Mrs.Myers' Newsletter

September 5th - September 9th

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Notes from Mrs.Myers

Hi everyone! I hope that you all got to enjoy your lovely 3-day weekend! I know for me it was a nice, relaxing weekend! :)

+ Conferences: The sign up for conferences will be emailed out this week and the students will be coming home with a paper copy! Please sign up as soon as possible so that we can get to our conferences in a timely manner! You all get weekly updates, so I assure you that these conferences will be quick and easy. :)

+ Technology Homework: This will be the first week of technology homework! It will be posted tomorrow and due on Friday. The expectation for technology homework is the same as paper/pencil homework- it needs to be completed by the due date! If students are having trouble with accessing homework, please make sure they know before Friday! I have two student laptops in the room that can be used if technology is having technical difficulties! :)

+ Weekly Updates: Weekly updates will resume this week, but obviously with the 3-day weekend there will be some delays! Just know that all updates will be sent no later than next Sunday, and I will do my best to get them out in a timely manner.

+ Wednesday Afternoon: I will be out of the building Wednesday afternoon to attend a district social studies meeting. The students will have Mrs.Davis as a sub from lunch to dismissal. I like to make sure that students and parents are aware when I am absent. If you have any immediate concerns on Wednesday, please text me!

+ Class Pet: This week we will begin our process for selecting a class pet! Dr.Burnley has kindly agreed to let us have a pet in our classroom to enhance our learning this year! More information and permission slips will come home in this week's Friday Folder!

+ Journaling Homework: Journaling homework this week will be on separate paper! I will have a packet compiled for the kids that includes all of the possible pet care pages and a page for each night's journaling homework! The packet will be due on Friday! The vote for the class pet will be held on Friday as well, so it's important that this week's homework gets completed on time!

Looking forward to a great week! :)


This Week

Topics We Are Covering:

Reading: Theme

Grammar: Run-on's and Fragments

Writing: Unguided Narrative Writing!

Social Studies: Native Americans continued (Hopi, Seminole, Pawnee)

Read Aloud: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling

Mentor Text: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Math: Area Model Multiplication

Word Study: Prefixes and Suffixes continued (de-, -est, -less)

Tests and Quizzes

Tuesday: Native Americans Daily Grade #1 (Kwakiutl, Inuit, Nez Perce)

  • Students will be able to identify food, home-types, climate, and life styles of each Native American tribe.

Wednesday and Thursday: Addition and Subtraction Daily Grade

  • Algorithm for addition and subtraction (multi-digit)

Friday: Word Work Daily Grade

  • de-, com- and col-, in- and im-, and review of third grade material
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