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Weekly Memo

September 20, 2013

I don't know about you, but this felt like a long week! I am so proud of the way many of you stepped up to fill in the gaps every day this week - and we had many of them. Your willingness to sacrifice your own important work for the good of the program is greatly appreciated.

The results of my walkthroughs indicate overall good engagement of our students. It was also nice to be able to find relevant lesson plans readily evident. Where we need work is in linking those beautiful plans to standards. I can see this as a good program goal for all of us.

We have our first certificated staff meeting scheduled on September 25, from 3:15 to 4:30. Included in our agenda will be some work on goals and objectives, as well as how to include standards in our daily schedule.

I've run into a major snafu with the committee membership breakdown - I may be contacting you early this next week to help resolve some of my issues so that we can commence with the important work waiting for us.



*Fall Workshop Survey - you should have received an email about this, so please participate

*Blood-borne Pathogen training at www.geneseeisd.mi.safeschools.com - you need to use your employee number to log in

*Schedule your observation with Sue

*Board Meeting at SESC-South on October 8

New reminders

*Flu Shot Clinics on September 24 and 26 - check your email for details

*Progress Reporting: November 7, January 23, March 20, June 5

*Medicaid - keep up to date on your logs