Pine Class News

March 20

Welcome Spring! We said goodbye to Winter with a great week. Lots of learning. So many kids are writing more than ever, working with partners more than ever, making learning their own. We look forward to celebrating their growth with you during conferences next week.

Ask your child:

  • "Show me a pattern. Make me guess something about the pattern"
  • "How does a reader think about characters?"
  • "What do you know about writing stories?"
  • "What have you been doing during exploration time?"


We practiced handwriting this week. We discussed how some lower case letters should be as tall as a capital letter. The letter l is one example. Other tall lower case letters are f, b, h, t, k...

Ask your child: What's a lower case letter that should be as tall as a capital letter?

Full Steam Ahead

We have a lot of work to do to get ready for our Systems Outreach Projects Celebration Day - April 2nd; @ 2pm in the gym.

Terrarium kit making, compost lessons, advocacy for municipal composting...come see it all.

In the meantime, ask your child what she's working on.

Sled Dogs

Big image
Sled dogs, racing along the Iditarod course. Our friend Ken Anderson finished in 9th place out of 70 mushers this week!

Field Trip!

Next Wednesday, March 24, we are going on a field trip to a composting site in Gowanus. We'll also stop by Gowanus Studio Space.

We need chaperones. Please let us know if you are available to join us. We'll leave after morning meeting and we'll be back before 1pm.

Spirit Week

Dear Families,

We are excited to announce the first ever Compass Spirit Week will be taking place the week of March 30-April 2.

What is Compass Spirit Week?

Compass Spirit Week is a celebratory week to show our Compass Spirit and dress up in student-selected themes for each day.

Why Spirit Week?

The purpose of spirit week is to bring the Compass Community together in support of our school. The week serves to get students and staff involved, excited, and working cooperatively and united on a common goal.

How will it work?

We asked each class to select one of our themes for the week...and the winning themes were:

Monday 3/30: Pajama Day. Wear your coziest pajamas to school on Monday!

Tuesday 3/31: Costume Day. Choose a favorite costume to wear on Tuesday!

Wednesday 4/1: Favorite Color Day. Wear as much of your favorite color as possible on Wednesday!

Thursday 4/2: Dress Up Day. Dress up in your fanciest outfit to wear on Thursday!

​If your child would like to participate in Compass Spirit Week, they can dress up in the theme for each day (instead of wearing their Compass T-Shirts)​!

We can't wait to see all of the Compass Spirit in our community!