Wanted: Perry Smith

For the murder of the Clutter family

Physical desciption:

Like his partner in crime, dick, Perry was an extremely well groomed man who was "very attentive to hygiene and the condition of his fingernails" page 18.

Perry has a bizarre appearance most likely from the motorcycle accident he was in after his army discharge that leaves him extremely disproportional looking.

Perry's injuries were more severe than Dicks and leaved him with "dwarfish legs" that were broken in 5 different places and pitifully scarred. Perry had fewer but more elaborate tattoos than his partner. Page 19


growing up Perry smith had an extremely abusive and mentally exhausting child hood. Two of Perry's siblings committed suicide, his mom was an alcoholic, his dad was abusive, and his sister Barbara is afraid of him. page 86

Perry does not get any respect from his family or hardly anyone around him and he never got the education he should have because of his dads refusal to take him to school when he was a child.

Perry blames his poor behavior on witnessing the incidences of his child hood and his broken home. By the time Perry was old enough to make a life for himself, the psychological damage has already been permanently effecting him.

Previous crimes:

Once Perry grew up and was old enough to get out of his house, he had already been mentally destroyed by his childhood and it was not hard for him to enter into a life of crime. After the fall out Perry had with his father, he traveled the country doing odd jobs until he was picked up by a strange man while hitch hiking. The man decides it would e a good idea to rob a store and this is where Perry's general lack of direction early on leads him into a life of crime. Perry is sent to jail, breaks out, is re-arrested and then sent back to prison. After his Parole, he meets Dick Hickock and gets himself into an even bigger mess than he had ever been in before, the violent murder of the Clutter family. page 15


Perry and his Partner in crime, Dick, killed Nancy, Kenyon and Mr. and Mrs. Clutter in the middle of the night. When the victims were found, Kenyon, Mrs Clutter, and Nancy had shot wounds and were gagged with adhesive tape. Kenyon had been shot in the face head on by the looks of his wounds. Mr. Clutter was the only victim that had been killed differently than the others. when investigators found Mr. Clutter the first thing they noticed was the amount of blood that he shed leading them to believe he was not shot and they were right. Mr. Clutter's mouth was tapped and this throat was cut but there were no gun wounds. His legs were tied but not his hands. By the looks of all the Clutter family members, Perry and Dick violently abused the victims before killing them. page 41