the life of the wright brothers

by:abbie whittaker

Wright Brothers

the wright brothers had a great impact on what the world is today.

The Personal Life Of The Wright Brothers

Orville was born August 19 1871 in Dayton Ohio. Wilbur was born April 16 1867 in Millville Indiana. The wright brothers had 5 siblings sisters Reuchlin,Lorin,Katharine,twins Otis and Ida.Their parents are Milton and Susan Wright. They never married. Neither one of them ever had kids. Orville died on January 30 1948 at age 76 in Dayton Ohio. Wilbur died May 30 1912 at the age of 45 in Dayton Ohio

The Wright Brothers Accomplishments And How They Helped Our Society

The wright brothers were most famous or inventing a plane and making it fly.The wright brothers helped our society by getting around the world faster by plane.

some character traits of the wright brothers

The Wright brothers are people who never gave up and i have learned not too give up ever.

FUN FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.the first air plane took off near Kitty Hawk North Carolina

.Plane eventually flew for an hour and 20 minutes

.Dayton Ohio is where they worked on the plane

.Made the first ever plane take off

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wright brothers national memorial

Up above is the Wright brothers national memorial. This is 60 feet tall. It is located in Kill Devil Hills,NC. This is to honor the Wright brothers and how they had a huge impact on our world today.

Wright Brothers

The wright brothers had a huge impact on the world today even though they are not here anymore. The wright brothers have done some great things to help the world today.They will be remembered.