The Falcon Flyer

Weekly News and Updates - Volume 2 Issue 13 - 11/19/21

Thankful Thoughts

As we begin to take a step back for the week off, it's important to pause and reflect on how lucky we all are to have each other this year. The Fletcher community is a tight-knit group- students, families, and staff. This is our strength. We are a small school, and a big family.

From our family to yours, have a happy Thanksgiving. We look forward to seeing you and our students when we return on Monday, November 29th.

“The heart that gives thanks

is a happy one,

for we cannot feel

thankful and unhappy

at the same time.”

- Douglas Wood

Safety Drills Recap

This week we conducted our first "Secure Campus" drill. Secure Campus is a precautionary measure against the threat of potential violence in the surrounding community. Secure Campus requires locking all classroom/office doors and closing the entrance and exit points on the school's perimeter. The objective is to protect against a potential community threat coming onto campus. Secure Campus differs from Lockdown in that it allows classroom instruction to continue. In this first run, we were able to confirm security of our seven acre campus perimeter in five minutes. These entrance points are always locked during school hours, so this first step is taken to ensure they are locked before checking interior spaces. Building Support Supervisor, Amber Merrill, Elementary School Assistant, Sarah Myers, and Principal, Jeff Friedenberg will be collaborating with school police on the 30th to review their notes from the drill, updates to the process and seek feedback from a law enforcement perspective.

Shortly after the conclusion of the Secure Campus drill, we conducted a fire safety drill. We were able to match our full drill runtime of last month at seven minutes! All students were safely evacuated in five minutes! Awesome job Falcons!

Preventing November Break Brain Drain

Our students need a break, yes. There's no doubt about that. They've worked incredibly hard these past twelve weeks getting used to being back at school, wearing masks all day, and all the other changes. However, a few mentally stimulating activities each day over the holiday week off won't hurt. Here are some quick ideas to keep up the learning momentum:

Raz-Kids or Headsprout - This is the reading software purchased by the site to accelerate student literacy skills. Twenty minutes per day will do the trick to keep those skills moving forward. Your student has access through

ST Math - This is our district-wide math software with the iconic penguin. Ten-fifteen minutes per day on this will help solidify the conceptual math foundational skills. Students also access ST Math through

If you want to stray away from screen-time, encourage your student to keep a daily journal of one thing that made them happy or one thing they're thankful for each day and why. They can even write a letter to themselves to read at the end of the year. What are their goals, fears, hopes, and what's their plan to achieve? A free-write about whatever's on their mind, a stream of consciousness, is also really fun to read as well.

Another idea to stay offline is to do your own science experiments! Check out this link for 55 great ideas:

Keep those brains happy with knowledge and learning!

Student of the (last) Week - Jaziel!

Jaziel's Student of the week portrait!

Congratulations Jaziel, and thanks for being a phenomenal Falcon!

Report an Absence Online

Although we want students to be in school each day for class, we know that absences will happen. It is important that parents report their student's absence within 24 hours. Absences can be reported via our online form, phone or email. Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for your support.

Click HERE for a link to the Online Absence Reporting Form


San Diego Unified School District now has a new testing site for all students and staff. If your student is showing symptoms at home or at school, this new resource will provide a quick and easy way to get test results so they can return to school as soon as possible. Testing will now be available at the Education Center located at 4100 Normal Street, 92103. It's only FIVE MILES away from Fletcher!

The site is open from 7:00AM - 7:00PM MONDAY through FRIDAY and 8:00AM - 5:00PM on Saturday and Sunday. No appointments necessary! Prior to testing, if your student isn't already registered to receive weekly testing on site, families will need to register for a Primary Health Portal account.

Click HERE for a link to the flyer with a map.

JOIN OUR Parent Teacher Association

Looking for an opportunity to become more involved in the success of our school? Join our Fletcher PTA! The Parent Teacher Association supports our school community with the planning and financing of events, classroom activities, field trips, and so much more. There are leadership positions available this year. Contact PTA President, Lara Altic, at if you're interested.

Highlights from the Week

Big picture

Six Weeks at a Glance


1 - Instructional Leadership Team Meeting

8 - PLC's

15 - Professional Development

17 - Minimum Day Staff Development

20-31 - Winter Break


3 - School Resumes

5 - All-Staff Meeting

12 - Professional Development

17 - MLK Jr. Day - NO SCHOOL

19 - PLC's

26 - School Site Council

*Dates subject to change due to shifts in the academic programming