St. Finn Barr Weekly Bulletin

Week of February 22nd - February 26th

Dear St. Finn Barr Families,

As we prepare for the week ahead, I would like to remind everyone that tomorrow, Monday, February 22nd, the students have an early dismissal day. Please refer to the dismissal times below. The teachers will participate in an Archdiocesan-wide professional development opportunity focusing on Eduprotocols - a framework designed to engage students in learning.

I would also like to draw your attention to a few things occurring in our school for the remainder of the month.

Our morning assemblies this month focus on Black and African lives in the church who led extraordinary journeys to advance the church's mission further. We invite you to check it out each morning by clicking the link below.

We are also excited to announce a new collaboration between St. Finn Barr Catholic School and St. Ignatius juniors - alumna Emma O'Reilly (SFB Class of 2018) and Makhana Eugster - as they host a virtual schoolwide storytime each week focusing on a theme for the month. This month, Emma and Makena will feature Black authors' work and share incredible stories that teach us about Black lives from the past and present.

We are so excited to begin this new initiative and look forward to expanding our knowledge through beautiful and award-winning picture books in the coming months, especially as we prepare for our annual Reader's Week, which will take place on March 1st through March 5th.

You can find more information for this fun-filled event below!

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Beginning Next Week...

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The Second Week of Lent

This post is part of the Lenten series “From Ashes to Glory.”

The Word

“Whoever wishes to be great among you must be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you must be your slave; just as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

—Matthew 20:26-28


How do I serve? I absorb my culture’s values, and I recognize that I am too much focused on myself and my needs. I want to absorb the values of Christ, so I ask Christ to shed light on my efforts to serve. How do I connect with others? How do I serve their needs? How can I do better? I choose to follow Christ, but I know I cannot even start without the light of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Give Thanks. I thank God for this day, for my life, for all I am and have, and for His Word.
  2. Pray for Light. I ask the Father to let me see my day as the Holy Spirit sees it, and to show me what I need to see.
  3. Find God. I look at my day in the light of the Spirit. I look back over the morning, the afternoon, and the evening. Who talked with me or worked with me? Did I get done what I meant to do or leave things out? Have I followed my own path? Have I done what everyone does?
  4. Anything Wrong? Did something go bad? Is my work incomplete? I feel the sorrow of painful situations that I cannot change.
  5. What Now? I look forward in hope. Where do I need God?


You stood, Lord Jesus, your head bowed,
looking down at the ground
while they lied and dredged through thickets of falsehood.
Then when You said the truth one more time
they tore their garments, pulled their hair,
and yelled their throats raw cursing You.
Lord Jesus, defend me from my own lies.
I know with all my heart that you are Christ.
I know that you suffered for my sins.
I wish I could break my heart with sorrow over this.
If I do not know how, visit me and show me.
Lord of Compassion, share your passion with me.
I am afraid to ask, but still I say it.

Ideas for Home (Taken from Loyola Press)

Given the many challenges facing today’s families, now is a perfect time and home is the perfect place to experience Lent. After all, home is where we rush and rest, where we hope and worry, where we love and forgive. It is home where we most often experience day-to-day salvation. Lenten experiences can take place in nearly every room of the house.

Here are some ideas to try to enrich your celebration of Lent at home:

Family Lenten Crafts

Make a decorative family “works of mercy” tree by following the directions on these PDFs. Work as a family to follow through on your promises.

Lenten Family Mealtime

In addition to “Friday fish day,” designate one evening a week to prepare a meal together. Assign a different dish or task to each family member. Before starting, discuss how each family member is giving to the others—giving time, effort, and care to nourish the entire family to go out and do God’s will. Begin with a prayer of thanks and petition.

Family Kindness and Sharing

On slips of paper, write random acts of kindness, such as give a compliment, say hi to an old friend, carry someone’s heavy load. Present each family member with a slip of paper as he or she leaves in the morning. Invite each family member to perform the kindness without seeking recognition. Afterward, talk together about what happened. Pray with one another that your kindnesses will be passed on throughout Lent and beyond.

Giving to Charities

Ask each family member to find three to five high-quality, useful items that would be appreciated by those who are less fortunate. Donate the items to a favorite charity. Pray together for those who will receive them.

Black History Month

We are excited to welcome alumna, Emma (Class of '18), current Junior at St. Ignatius High School, and Makena, also a Junior at St. Ignatius High School, to St. Finn Barr Catholic School on a weekly basis for a schoolwide virtual storytime.

This month, Emma and Makena will feature work by Black authors and share incredible stories that teach us about Black lives from the past and present. Please join us today for a story about Ella Fitgerald by Andrea Davis Pinkney and illustrated by Brian Pinkney!

Ella Fitzgerald
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Ms. Megan Kimble


St. Finn Barr Catholic School

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