North Dakota

You are Always Welcome


North Dakota is the place where great things happen to everyone! It is the place where you can find a better job and your children will have better lives.

Land and Economy

In North Dakota they have great farm land, natural resources, and many different cultures. The land in North Dakota is filled with soil that is rich, which is good for farming. The major bodies of water in North Dakota include the Red River, Lake Long, and Lake Oahe. If you love to fish and swim, North Dakota is the place for you! The beautiful Great Plains are located in North Dakota and are used for farming. The Economy in North Dakota depends on their natural resources including the water because it can be spun into a turbine to make power. North Dakota has fuels such as coal and natural gas which is an important natural resource.The best farm tools are made in North Dakota. North Dakota has good farm land and wheat is their number one crop. If you like pasta you would love to come to North Dakota because there is plenty of it!

Culture and Interesting Facts

The culture in North Dakota is the most interesting part. The population of the people includes 91.7% Caucasian, 0.6% African American, 1.2% Hispanic, 4.8% Native American, 0.6% Asian, and 1% other. The state bird, the Western Meadow Lark, is a yellow bird. The state flower is the Wild Prairie Rose. The biggest city in North Dakota is Fargo. The state animal is a Richardson Ground Squirrel and the state fish is the Northern Pike. When Lewis an Clark came back from there expedition they crossed through North Dakota. North Dakota became a state in 1889 when The United States of America bought the Louisiana territory from the French. The state of North Dakota welcomes you and hopes you start packing your bags!

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