Trail of Tears

(Not made from actual tears.)

"Andrew Jackson, from Tennessee, was a forceful proponent of Indian Removal."

This means that President Jackson was a large part of removing the Indians from their land. Therefore, if the Indians were to blame anyone, they could easily blame Andrew Jackson for signing the Indian Removal Act.

"In 1823 the Supreme Court handed down a decision which stated that Indians could occupy land within the United States, but could not hold title to those lands."

This means that Indians could live and have land in the U.S, but could not call it Indian Territory.

"In 1830 - the same year the Indian Removal Act was passed - gold was found on Cherokee lands."

This means that now that American's know there was gold on their land, American's were determined to obtain that gold.

"Some Cherokees, wary of white encroachment, moved West on their own and settled in other areas of the country."

This means that not every Cherokee had no clue or suspicioun about the Americans. So, some took their chance to move before being forced out.

"The Cherokees of Georgia, on the other hand, used legal action to resist."

This means that rather than preforming illegal acts, the Cherokee decided to negotiate legally.