Dear United Airlines employees, We would like to thank you all for your determination and hard work within the company.we have added many ideas and options throughout the year to provide better services for our customers and our employees.

Starting in June of 2016 United Airlines will begin hosting nonstop flights between the United States and Singapore. This flight will be the longest flight that is offered by any U.S. Airline of over 8,000 miles. We believe that the addition of this flight will encourage many of our customers to fly United.

We have also began having free food back on the planes for our customers to enjoy. The edition of free food will slightly increase the price of the tickets, and this will raise our profits.


United Airlines is sponsoring the Houston Rodeo this March. All employees are welcome to join us and we encourage you to come.We will be providing you with your needs for the trip such as airfare, hotel expenses, and meals. We will not be attending the concerts and a $15 fee will be required as rodeo admission. Through this event we hope to obtain a closer relationship with employees and an enjoyable way to get to know each other.

If you are planning to attend this event, please RSVP to eventsatunited.com by March 1st.

Additional information:

  • All employees will be provided with a hotel room for one night at Hotel Zaza in downtown Houston

  • Breakfast is complementary with the hotel room

  • A shuttle is available to transport you from the hotel to the rodeo

  • A lunch buffet will be open from 12-3 at Hotel Zaza in the ballroom

United airlines will also be sponsoring the rodeo barbecue cook off.
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Houston Rodeo

Hotel ZaZa in Houston, Texas


Our new healthy rewards program offers all employees to begin a new healthy and fit life. There are many things you can do to earn points that go towards different rewards. Some of the rewards include extra vacation days, coupons, or even free meals. You can earn these rewards simply by checking blood pressure and cholesterol levels, quitting tobacco, tracking exercise, and achieving a new healthy goal.

A great way to get started in this beneficial program would be to order a Fitbit. Fitbit offers many different styles and options with their products. They can do things such as tracking your heart rate, count your steps, and even track the calories you burn. You can use the promo code, “plane”, to get a 40% discount on your very own Fitbit.


The recent joining of United Airlines with Continental Airlines has caused our company some issues. Our problems have become noticeable to our employees and are slowly affecting our business. Some issues we have been experiencing are:

  • Delayed flights

  • Cancellation of tickets

  • Bad customer service

  • Bad relationships between employees

We will be hosting a meeting to address our concerns with the company. This meeting will be mandatory for all employees and we believe it will be beneficial for us.

Mandatory Meeting

Wednesday, March 2nd, 9:45am

United Airlines, Houston, TX, United States

Houston, TX

These meetings will be held at the airport you are employed at.