Poaching Elephants in Africa

By. Jolene L

Why do people hunt elephants?

People hunt elephants for there ivory. Although it`s illegle people are still poaching elephants and in the past three years 100,000 elephants have died.


People hunt elephants many different ways. The most common weapon used is the AK47. Some people fly above in helocopters and shoot them from above. If they are hunting from the ground they hunt by spears

what dose this effect?

Elephants are a keystone species. Without them the, the trees grow and take up land for other animals to live. Elephants take down the trees and clear the land which helps other animals survive.


  • Elephants have ivory in there tusks so when people poach them they take the tusks and leave the rest.
  • Elephants are the largest land mammels.
  • An elephants trunk has around 100,000 muscles.