Application and Opinions

Questions 21-24

Why is it important to observe all safety rules even in the high school laboratory regardless of of whether it seems necessary or not. Cite some instances in which proper safety procedures could have prevented the spread of the virus. Apply what you have learned about safety to the high school laboratory.

It is important to observe all safety rules in a high school lab in order to protect the health and to ensure the safety of the students while in the lab. In the book, Musoke could have prevented being infected with Marburg by wearing gloves and goggles, preventing Monet's blood from getting into his eyes. Additionally, the nurse Mayinga could have prevented her death by wearing a gown or something to prevent the infected blood from coming into contact with her. What I have learned, is that it is better to be safe than sorry. It is better to make sure that you have following proper safety procedures than becoming sick because of a failure to practice these procedures.

Preston quotes Jarhling on page 366, " Why is the Zaire stuff hot for humans? Why isn't Reston hot for humans, when the strains are so close to each other?" Propose some answers to explain these observations.

I think that the reason that Reston is not hot or infectious to human, is because it is not quick enough to species jump from primates to humans. I think that the Zaire strain has been within close enough contact between humans and primates that it was able to infect both species, while the Reston strain has not yet had that contact to be able to jump species.

The last chapter takes you and the Author back to Kitum Cave. What do you suppose Preston intended to accomplish by his visit to Kitum Cave? Would you enter Kitum Cave in a space suit? Without a space suit? Explain.

Preston goes back to Preston Cave in order to discover what started the events in this story. Preston notes that the spiders could have been the host of Ebola as they would have contracted the disease by eating an infected insect. I would wear a space suit before entering Kitum Cave. I just think that the cave is full of potential sources of infection, and in order to prevent the exchange of bodily fluids.

Are emerging viruses such as Ebola a threat to human safety in light of the recent attention to bio-terrorism? Explain your answer.

No, especially for Ebola. It does not show a threat to human safety because the virus is actually very fragile outside of a host, and that would cause difficulties in engineering it into a biological weapon. How Ebola is transmitted also shows that it would be a poor choice as a biological weapon because it requires contact of bodily fluids to infect a host.