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Tryout Times & Locations Released For Fall Sports

Below you can find the tryout times and locations for our fall activities and sports. Please remember that all eligibility paperwork should be turned in by noon on August 8th to ensure that you are cleared for the first day of fall sports on August 12th. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility paperwork please contact the Activities Office. Good luck to all Vikings trying out on August 12th!

Girls Tennis
8/12 - 3 to 5:30
8/13 - 3 to 5:30
8/14 - 3 to 5:30
Will meet at courts near Tennis shed each day

Boys & Girls Cross Country
8/12 - 2:40-5:00PM - Track
8/13 - 2:40-5:00PM (subject to change due to heat, would move to 5:45-7AM) - Track
8/14 - 2:40-5:00PM - Track

8/12 - 5:00-9:00PM - Weight Room/Football Field
8/13 - 5:00-9:00PM - Weight Room/Football Field
8/14 - 5:00-9:00PM - Weight Room/Football Field

8/12 - 4:30-6:30PM - Main Gym
8/13 - 4:30-6:30PM - Main Gym
8/14 - 4:30-6:30PM - Main Gym

8/12 - SoftBall Complex - 2:45PM to 4:30PM.
8/13 - SoftBall Complex - 2:45PM to 4:30PM.
8/14 - SoftBall Complex - 2:45PM to 4:30PM. (First Cut).
8/15 - SoftBall Complex - 2:45PM to 4:30PM.
8/16 - SoftBall Complex - 2:45PM to 4:30PM. (Final Cut).

Boys Swimming
8/12 - 6:00 - 8:00PM - Rec Plex
8/13 - 6:00 - 8:00PM - Rec Plex
8/14 - 6:00 - 8:00PM - Rec Plex

8/12 - 2:45-5:45 PM at stadium
8/13 - 2:45-5:45 PM at stadium (1st cut at the end of practice)
8/14 - 2:45-5:45 PM at stadium (2nd cuts at the end of practice)
8/15 - 2:45-5:45 PM at stadium (3rd cuts if needed at the end of practice)
8/16 - 245-5 PM at the lower grass and annex fields
(If excessive heat warnings exist; C/JV team pool would go to small gym from 245-415; V pool would go from 415-545 - if it happens on day 1, 8/12, 9th-10th graders would go from 245-415; 11th-12th graders would go from 415-545)

Girls Golf
8/12 - 2:45 in room B116 (Coach Wayne’s room)
8/13 - 2:45 @ Pheasant Run
8/14 - 2:45 @ Whitmoor

Howell Coaches & Sponsors Work To Ensure Student Safety

At Howell the safety of our students is our number one priority. In order to ensure the safety of Howell student-participants during this warm time of year all Howell fall coaches will be following both a “16 Day Acclimatization Period” as well as “Heat Index Procedures” for all students involved in activities during the fall. Information regarding the 16 Day Acclimatization Period and the Heat Index Procedures can be found below. Please have conversations with your student-participant regarding this information as well as proper hydration so that they are prepared for the weather. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Francis Howell Activities Director Sean Erwin at

Heat Index Procedures

1.)When the heat index reaches 95-104 all Howell coaches who are conducting practice outside will alter their practices. The altering of practice will include more water breaks, shortening of drills, larger breaks between drills, and allowing athletes to get a drink at any time. It may also include the shortening of practice. (These measures outlined meet all guidelines set forth by MSHSAA)

2.)When the heat index reaches 105 or above practices will not take place outdoors until the heat index drops below the 105 mark. Practices may be moved indoor in the event that the heat index is above 105. (This is in compliance with MSHSAA guidelines)

3.)Howell Student-Athletes are encouraged to hydrate prior to coming to practice and bring water with them. Water will be available for student-athletes at all practices.


(Days 1-5)

1. Days 1 through 5 of the acclimatization period consist of the first 5 days of formal practice. During this time, athletes are not allowed to participate in more than 1 practice per day.

2. If a practice is interrupted by inclement weather or heat restrictions, the practice may recommence once conditions are deemed safe. Total practice time should not exceed 3 hours in any 1 day.

3. A 1-hour maximum walk-through is permitted during days 1–5 of the acclimatization period. A 1-hour recovery period is required between the practice and walk-through (or vice versa).

4. During days 1–2 of the acclimatization period, in sports requiring helmets or shoulder pads, a helmet is the only protective equipment permitted (goalies, as in the case of field hockey and related sports, may not wear full protective gear or perform activities that would require protective equipment).

A. Football only: On days 3–5, contact with blocking sleds and tackling dummies may be initiated.

B. Full-contact sports: 100% live contact drills may begin no earlier than day 6.

Beginning on day 6, all protective equipment may be worn and full contact may begin.

(Days 6-16)

1. Beginning no earlier than day 6 and continuing through day 14, double-practice days must be followed by a single-practice day. On single-practice days, 1 walk-through is permitted, separated from the practice by at least 1 hour of continuous rest. When a double practice day is followed by a rest day, another double practice day is permitted after the rest day.

2. On a double-practice day neither practice may exceed 3 hours in duration nor may student-athletes participate in more than 5 total hours of practice. Warm-up, stretching, cool-down, walk-through, conditioning, and weight-room activities must be included as part of the total practice time. The 2 practices must be separated by at least 3 continuous hours in a cool environment.

3. Because the risk of exertional heat illnesses during the preseason heat-acclimatization period is high, it is recommended that an athletic trainer be on site before, during, and after all practices, but it is not required.

Howell Programs Have Historic 5 Year Run

It's been an impressive 5 years for programs at Francis Howell High School. The continued growth and success of Howell programs is not only a sense of pride within the building but also in the community. Congratulations to our students, staff, parents & community for their continued support! We look forward to watching all Howell programs continue to experience a high level of sucess at the local, state and national level.

Howell Programs 2015-2019

55 Conference Championships

25 District Championships

19 Final Four's

5 State Championships

Howell To Host Mizzou vs. Illinois Wrestling Dual

This past week it was announced that Howell will host the Mizzou vs. Illinois Border War Wrestling Dual on November 14th at Francis Howell High School. Over the course of the next few weeks more information will be available regarding this highly anticipated event that will be on the campus of Howell. As information becomes available we will share it with our Howell Family and the wrestling community. The Howell Wrestling program and Activities Department looks forward to showcasing our facility and highlighting our communities passion for wrestling at this upcoming event.

Activities Department Sells Record Number of Passes

The excitement for the 2019-20 school year is very evident for the Howell Family. Over the course of the past two weeks the Activities Department has sold a record number of student sports passes and adult punch pass tickets. To date, nearly 1,000 have been sold! It is strongly encouraged to purchase student sports passes and adult punch passes to not only save money but to also avoid long lines at our heavily attended events. We are anticipating record attendance at our games and events during the upcoming school year and hope to see all members of our Howell Family supporting our Vikings. You can purchase your student passes & punch passes in the Activities Office.

Student Sports Passes - $30 (Unlimited Entry To Games)

Adult Punch Passes - $40 for 10 admissions ($50 Value)

New Merchandise Arrivals In Activities Office

The Howell Activities Department is getting new Howell merchandise and apparel weekly. This week a new ship of lanyards and hats arrived. Within the next 7-10 days the newest Nike Howell apparel will arrive as well. Drop by the Activities Office to purchase your Howell merchandise any day during normal school hours.

Howell Alum Kostyshock Off To Strong Start In Minor Leagues

In June, Howell alum Jacob Kostyshock became yet another Howell alum to be taken in the MLB draft. Kostyshock was taken in the 8th round as the 249th overall pick by the Colorado Rockies. He is currently playing for the Grand Junction Rockies for the rookie advanced affiliate and recently had his eighth straight scoreless appearance for the Rockies. Congratulations to Jacob on his great start in the Colorado Rockies organization.
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Howell Alum Matt McClellan Named Pre-Season All MVFC

Congratulations to Howell alum Matt McClellan on recently being named to the pre-season All Missouri Valley Football Conference Defensive Team. Matt is currently attending Missouri State University and is a standout player for the Bears football team. Good luck to Matt this season!
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New Student Physical Requirements For MSHSAA Sponsored Activities & Sports

MSHSAA recently changed their requirement for student physicals required for activity/athletic participation. In the past physicals were to be completed annually. However, effective immediately, physicals are now valid for 2 years (730 days) from the date of issue. Therefore, for the 2019-20 school year, physicals dated February 1, 2019 and later will be valid for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school year **.

**Please note that if you are involved in a winter or spring sport, during the 2020-21 school year you could potentially need a physical in the middle or prior to the season to meet the 2 year requirement depending on the date of your physical.

If you have any further questions or need clarification please contact the Activities Department.

Football Schedule Posters Available

Each year the the 12th Man Football Booster Club develops a poster schedule for Viking fans that is made available on a limited basis. This year's poster is again made possible by the support of our friends at Peoples Savings Bank. A special thank you to Amanda Skidmore for the great design of the 2019 schedule. You can pick up a schedule while they last at the Viking Football store or the Activities Office.

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Stay Connected With The Activities Department

There are many ways for Viking fans to stay informed and aware of everything going on at Howell. Below you can find several platforms to find information specific to the Howell Activities Department. Finding information and content on our activities, clubs and sports has never been easier!

Twitter- @FHVikings

Website & App –

Instagram - FHVikings

Viking Insider (Weekly E-Magazine) Sign up at

Youtube Channel -

Camp Website –

Activities Hotline- 636-851-4700 (Option 1)

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2019-20 School Year Start Dates & Dead Periods Announced For MSHSAA Activities & Sports

The summer, fall, winter, and spring dead periods and starting dates for MSHSAA sponsored activities has been released for the 2019-20 school year. These dates can be found below. We hope that this information helps all Vikings and their families coordinate and prepare for the summer and sports seasons ahead during the 2019-20 school year.

Summer Dead Period (All MSHSAA Sponsored Activities) - June 29 - July 7, 2019

Fall Sports Dead Period (Fall Sports) - August 5 - August 11, 2019

Fall Sports Begin August 12, 2019

Winter Sports Dead Period (excluding girls swim) - October 27 - November 3, 2019

Winter Sports (excluding girls swim) begins November 4, 2019

Winter Sports Dead Period (Girls Swim) - November 3 - November 10, 2019

Girls Swim Begins November 11, 2019

Spring Sports Dead Period - February 23 - March 1, 2020

Spring Sports Begin March 2, 2020


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