Pocket Points

last updated 10/8/2020

What is Pocket Points?

Pocket Points is a reward system for students to stay off their phone during class instruction time. It is FREE for teachers and FUN for students.

Pocket Points In A Minute

Some students may not want to participate in Pocket Points, please have a way for them to be able to earn the same incentives as those that are participating in the program.

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How do I get started?

1. Go to http://www.pocketpoints.com/teachers

2. Click the Login button.

3. Click the Want to create an account? Sign up link.

4. Enter the required information. You can search for your school name, all GCCISD high schools should appear.

5. Click the Get Started button.

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How do I create a class?

1. Once logged in, click the Classes tab at the top of the screen.

2. Click the Create New Class button.

3. Complete the required information.

4. Click the Create Class button.

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How do I create a reward?

1. Open an existing class.

2. Click the Create Reward button.

3. Choose to either copy your rewards from existing classes OR create new rewards. Click here for a huge list of reward ideas.

4. Complete the required information.

5. Click the Create Reward button.

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How do students join a class on Pocket Points?

How to join a class on Pocket Points
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Additional Resources

Teacher Rewards FAQ

Click the button above for help topics and videos on all things Pocket Points.

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