Jackson is a zero

Jackson was not really a hero in my opinion

Killing The National Bank

President Jackson is very know for Killing the national bank, " The bank is trying to kill me , but I will kill it" was what President Andrew Jackson said. During his presidency in 1836 he put a lot of effort in his campaign against the renewal of its charter. After his campaign succeeded he speeded up the process by killing the 2nd National bank, by simply ordering federal funds to be withdrawn from it. Later in his presidency he took back all government loans that as a result left the bank with no money which killed it.

Spoils System

The Spoils System was basically about how President Andrew Jackson gave important jobs to his friends and cronies. These people didn't have that much knowledge and training in their jobs like the ones who got fired. Jackson gave very important senior government jobs to the wrong people.

Indian Removal & Trail Of Tears

Throughout Jackson's presidency the Indian Removal was passed in May 28, 1830. The law authorized President Jackson to negotiate the Indian tribes like the Cherokees, Muscogee, Choctaw , and Chickasaw. Jackson worked on passing the law to remove Indian Tribes from all territory west of Mississippi river. This act caused a lot of disagreement because it was very controversial.