The Graveyard Book

By Neil Gaiman

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Nobody Owen, Also known as Bod is a kid. Not a ordinary kid, He lives in a graveyard. Not only that but he has parents that are ghosts. Actually, his whole family is ghosts. The story begins when Bod is a toddler. A man named Jack kills his mom,dad and older sister. The man searches for Bod but he can't find him. Bod had already escaped and made it to a graveyard where ghosts take him in and become his new family.

"Face Your life, It's Pain, It's Pleasure, Leave no Path Untaken."


I Give this book a 5 Star rating. It's a Great book that shows a boy that's raised by ghosts after he's parents are killed. It also is a very fictional genre book with many happy moments and sad. It also has some nice people and very strict people and some mean but all are good people. I recommend this book to people 10+.


Both stories have an orphan taken in by someone but in this case, ghosts.