Designing our Design LAB

2015-16: A Year of Learning, Making and Designing Together

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms on our staff. I hope you had a wonderful, and well-deserved day of relaxation and fun.

Teacher Appreciation Week-Wrap Up

Thanks again to all of you for your work. I hope you did feel appreciated last week because the work of moving our school forward can't happen without your efforts. I also want to make sure everyone knows that on Friday morning, Mr. Bearden, Anthony and Angelo's father, asked me if he could buy you all lunch on Friday. We'd already placed our order, so he took over paying the tab. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time a parent has shown appreciation in this way at our school. Let's find a way to thank him for his generosity.

The 2016 Prom

We held the Prom on Friday night at Fenn Tower on the CSU campus. The event was a huge success! Thanks so much to Ms. Yox for planning and executing the event. Thanks to Ms. Stickel for helping with the decorations and design. Thanks to Ms. Thomas, Ms. Bailey, Ms. Stickel and Officer Parker for attending and making sure the event ran smoothly. Here's a few pictures from the evening.

This Is the Final Week of AIR Testing

This is our last full week of testing. I know we are all tested out, but we've still got Algebra and Geometry to go. Please remind our students that these AIR tests have replaced the OGT and they must pass the AIR test to graduate from high school. We have to do everything we can to help students remain focused on the task at hand.

Individual Meetings This Week

We will continue our fifteen minute meetings to support student learning this week. I know some of you will be affected by proctoring. We will reschedule your meetings. Otherwise, I will see you at your regularly scheduled time.

As a reminder, we will discuss:

-What you intend for students to learn in the upcoming week

-What standard(s) you are teaching during the week

-How you will know if the students are learning what is intended

-What your plan is for students who may not be learning what is intended

-What support you need from me to help all students learn what is intended during the week

I will be coming around this week to visit classes and check lesson plans. I won't be collecting anything, and these are non-evaluative visits. Please leave your lesson plan for the day on your desk, so I don't need to interrupt your lesson to ask you for it.

Robotics This Week:

Robotics will be held this week on Wednesday, May 11th. 10th grade students will be attending during 1st period.

Testing and the Schedule This Week

We have one more round of Ohio State Tests (OST) next week: the Algebra I and Geometry tests. Ms. Yox is also looking for two volunteers to proctor make up assessments the morning of Wednesday, May 11, 2016 and Thursday, May 12, 2016. Please email her if you are interested in proctoring, or in covering a proctor's second or third period classes.

On Monday, May 9 we will follow our regular school schedule. On Tuesday, May 10, we will follow a reverse schedule (7th - 1st). Please inform students all day on Monday that we will follow a reverse schedule on Tuesday.

The testing schedule is as follows:

Monday, May 9, 2016 - Algebra I / Geometry (Part I)
Start Time: 8:20AM

End Time: 10:00AM

Algebra I Proctors: O'Hara, White, Stickel, Paris
Geometry Proctors: Witt, Senor, Beavers, Bailey
Late Arrivals: Romito (1st), Yeung (2nd)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 - Algebra I / Geometry (Part II)

Start Time: 8:20AM

End Time: 10:00AM

Algebra I Proctors: Stickel, White, Paris, O'Hara
Geometry Proctors: Senor, Gill, Romito (7th) & Witt (6th) Bailey
Late Arrivals: Beavers (7th), Yeung (6th)

Tightening up the Proctoring This Week

Let's remember to keep high expectations for proctoring in this final week. As we've discussed, even though our students are used to having chromebooks every day, for the purposes of testing, we need to think of these as Testing Devices, not chromebooks. That means students aren't listening to music, watching videos, or surfing the net after testing.

Also remember to maintain testing conditions in your classroom. This means no jackets or back packs on or around the students.

Let's work together to keep tight testing procedures in place in this final week.

Proctoring Expectations

Each proctor will be assigned students, similar to the groupings used for the Spring ProCore/QualityCore offering. These lists are posted on the office window in front of Ms. Terry's desk. Tests will take place in the proctor's classroom. Ms. Bailey will test in Room 202A and Ms. White will test in Room 203A for all tests. Ms. Romito & Mr. Yeung will test in Room 209 on Tuesday.

In terms of proctor requirements, proctors will need to:

  • Collect cell phones from students prior to testing.
  • Ensure all students have a chromebook for testing purposes.
  • Read the provided testing script and provide each student's individual log in information. I hope to control all tests from a central computer; I'll let you know as soon as possible if this is changing.
  • Monitor the testing room until the test concludes. No student is allowed to leave the testing room until testing has ended throughout the building.
  • Collect student login information at the conclusion of testing.

Late arrivals, as well as any 11th/12th grade students enrolled in a proctor's class, will be monitored each day. I will place a note on each proctor's door with instructions for these students. I will also provide you with the test booklets and answer documents each morning.

200 Minutes This Week

Monday, May 9-Personal Planning Time

Tuesday, May 10-Advisory Planning

Wednesday, May 11-Linkage Session-Led by Brian Witt- for Linking Staff only. Project Planning Session for all other staff with Mr. Wheeler

Thursday, May 12-Project Planning Session