Comparing Greek mythology to my book

What Room is about

Room is about a little boy ( Jack ) and his mother who he calls Ma. Two years before Jack was born, his mom was kidnapped by Old Nick who locked her up in a shed in his backyard. His Ma has been trying to escape for seven years but still hasn't succeded. She's hoping Jack will help them escape so they can finally be free and live a normal life and so that way Jack will have a normal childhood.

Ma, Persephone

Ma and Persephone (Hades' wife) are very much alike. Persephone is locked down in the underworld and Hades wont let her out. Where in Room, Ma is stuck in a small shed and there is no way for her to get out.

The two Stories have similar backrounds

For Jack and Ma it almost is impossible for them to escape but for Persephone it is impossible

People can visit Persephone down in the underworld...but they have to do it in secracy. No one knows where Ma is and no one even knows that Jack was ever born.

Now Ma and Jack must escape. Persephone is just stuck down there but doesn't mind it too much.

Ma and Persephone would both do anything they could to get out. Hades and Old Nick would both do anything to keep them in.

Ma and Persephone have the same traits

Ma and Persephone are alike. They are both fierce, and tough. They're smart and skeptical and like to be the leader of things. Also they are very brave.


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