By:Xaria Lee

  • To wish for good luck, Germans don’t cross their fingers; they press the thumb by folding a thumb in and closing their fingers on it.
  • On many German highways there is no speed limit, so people can drive as fast as they want.
  • when Germans enter in elevator they say hello and goobye even if they dint know eachother
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  • Some of the world’s greatest composers—Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, Mendelssohn, Handel, and Schumann—came from Germany.
  • Gummy bears originally came from Germany.
  • The capital city of Berlin is famous for its two sides being divided for many years by the Berlin Wall, which separated the democratic west from the communist east.
  • Germany is known for its many wildlife parks and zoological gardens. There are hundreds operating across the country.
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    Germany won the world cup in 2014 and to more times.
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    Germans eat a lot of pork, chicken, and beef. German kids like fast food, but they also eat more traditional German foods such as sausage, noodles, and potatoes. Every region of Germany has its own special type of wurst (sausage), often served with mustard in a hard roll. Bread is also an important part of the German diet. Bakeries offer a wide variety of different breads, rolls, pastries, and pretzels.
    Germans are usally known for gymnastucs or soccer heres a video of a man who does it.
    Germans cook really good and are famous for it but not as famous as itly pizza pizza