Hackers Behind Doors

Newspaper project by Kaitlyn Molpus

Asking Kaitlyn

advice colunm-Kiwi-Im not just you're ordanary guy. Im not here to impress my friends. I am a wise thinker. I do what is right and i think it through. If that means risking my life for smeone or somthing then so be it.Some times i have a ig mouth and i say stuff that is not always true and later i start to feel bad, and star to think later in life that no one will belive my later in life.

response-While you're thinking about all the dangours and scary things you do think about what you are saying to and see how it affects things. Think about the whole story before it ever happens. Start doing what you say, and you wont have a problem with lieing. The only thing you really do is think a litle bit more before you acctualy do it.

The untold mystery

You may think you're the best hacker in the world, little did you know that a boy you're age is amunset you. His greatest hack is the hack on the white house. You may think you have friends like best friends as in friend you would tell anything to. Watch the movie to see how Sam Wilson was told upon.

Feature article

Your wonderful cast members

Tyler-Tyler was sent to the CDD after sam would not wear not wear the head set. worked at the CDD as an adminastrator. relized the computerer was the thing that sent him after the head set

Dodge-dodge was the one that told sam about the fake hack on the white house help recruit sam to the white house dodge's brain gets fried while wearing the neuro headset

kiwi-faked being throwen off hotel. not afraid to hurt himself just to impress is friends. works at CDD

Vienna-sam's best friend. was scared to talk to sam at first. after sam kept saving her life they became really good friends

Sam Willson-main chacter.captured by the CDD and put in prison.jail turned out to be the place for him to try out his skills.greatest hackers. greatest hack was on the white house

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