HighJump Guide

The Basics

Where To Look

Search Outbound Order Status at Line Level

This is possibly the most useful view for Customer Care. Searching under this view will allow you to see at a glance where each item of the order is during fulfillment, the date it was placed, the shipping method, and the location of each item.

If the order is shipped, you can access the shipment details by clicking the down arrow at the left side of the screen, next to the item ID. This is also where you can find the License Plate (LP) to use for look-ups in Agile.

Also, sometimes the information in Admin may not be updated to show what's in HighJump. For example, and order may be listed as Pending in Admin, but that order may have actually shipped in HighJump. If you want to check that status, you can do so in this section by clicking the down arrow to the left.

In this image, you can see the UPC of the items, the location of the items, the order number and the shipping method.


Unwaved: The order is in HighJump but has not been waved yet.

Released: The order has been automatically waved and is awaiting fulfillment.

Picked: The order is currently being fulfilled and items are being picked from locations on the shipping floor.

Staged: The order is in sortation and is being prepared for shipment.

Shipped: The order has been fulfilled and the funds have been captured.

Shipping Method Codes


  • FedEx XFP - Savvy Saver
  • FedEx XFG - FedEx Ground
  • FedEx XF2 - FedEx 2nd Day
  • FedEx XFN - FedEx Overnight
  • United States Postal Services-PPR - USPS (Ground)
  • United States Postal Services-PEX - USPS Express


  • United States Postal Services-PFI - USPS First Class Mail Int'l
  • United States Postal Services-PA2 - USPS Priority Mail International
  • FEDEX-XIE - FedEx International Economy


Under this umbrella, you can use a few of the different sections to get some additional information on what exceptions an order might have.

  • Orders with Exceptions: This is where you can see what current orders have exceptions on them, whether it be a short item or an exceptions request. Once the exception has been removed from the order, you will no longer be able to see those details under this view.
  • Scratch Results: You can check an order's cancellation status here.
  • Exceptions - New: This is where you can see an order that has/had an exception on it, even if it's been shipped. You can see what the exception is on the order (see thumbnail), as well as the details of who processed the exception or made that change. You should be able to see that in your order notes, but you can always check here for reference!


In HighJump, if you have a few links that you find you use frequently, you can create a Favorites section by clicking the Star icon on whatever link you're currently on. You can also create Groups for your links, such as Shipping and Exceptions, too (see examples below).

Using HighJump Information for Agile

In order to see if an address change or Shipping Method upgrade was successful, you can pull the License Plate (LP) from HighJump into Agile for all of the shipping information for that order.

To get the LP, search for the order in either Outbound Order Status at Line Level and click the arrow to the left of the line number. From there you can see a few different details that you can use to pull the Agile information. You can use:

  • HU ID
  • Tracking number

Once you have that info, you can pull that up in Agile in the appropriate boxes. the HU ID will go in the Pick Ticket box, and the tracking number will go in the Tracking # box. You should see that order pop up at the bottom of the screen (see photos), and once you click on that Shipment ID, you can see all of the current/up to date shipping information for the package.

In Agile, you can see the address updates, shipping method updates and any updated tracking numbers. Also, if there is another tracking number associated with an order that is not listed in HighJump, you will see 2 Shipment ID's for the order. If this is the case, be sure to check both tracking numbers that show up for you to see which is the correct/active number.