By: Kenadee


  • Ten players can be on the field
  • There's four positions in a game
  • Goalie, who protects the goal and blocks the pass into the goal
  • Defender, they protect the goalie by being closer to the goal and defend
  • Attacker, they try and make a goal into the opponents goal to get points
  • Midfielder, they help the attacker so they can get through to make a goal


You need...

  • goggles (eye metal mask)
  • Lacrosse Stick
  • Mouth guard so if you get hit with the ball you don't lose your teeth.
  • Lacrosse ball
  • Gloves (optional but recommended so someone doesn't hit your hand)
  • Cleats for a better grip to run faster. (optional but recommended but you could wear tennis shoes)


If you make a penalty the person gets the ball and all players have to move 4 meters away. You can't go in there sphere which is between their shoulders and above their waist. You can't physically touch another player or hit anyone with your stick. Your stick can't touch the opponent's stick. You can't go in the goalies area. You can't rake the ball when you pick it up off the ground. Raking the ball is putting your net over the ball and rolling it and picking it up you can't put your stick over the ball at anytime of the game. When the referee blows the whistle everyone has to stop you can't move.