Reading for Real

New Online Reading Program

What is it?

Reading for Real is a reading program that came about by interviewing our students about reading. So many times, teens lose interest in reading because they don't have access to great books or because they don't have the time. We want to change that. Beginning with 13 interested students, we took a survey of their interests. We found out that they would love to be able to discuss what they read with others who are reading the same book. They would also love to read books that are more about them, problems they encounter, real-life stuff! That's how we got the name...Reading for Real.


The program will begin with a poll of the students' recommendations for a great book. We will choose a book, and have an initial meeting. The students will collaborate using their school-issued Google Drive accounts. The teachers will monitor the site and prepare the discussion questions. Students will be invited to share ideas and ask questions.


8th grade students need to be able to analyze what they read and understand the how and why behind it. They need to be moved beyond a knowledge level and be forced to truly think about what they are reading and relate it to other reads and real-life experiences. They also need to be able to communicate effectively with others and appreciate the viewpoints of others. Based on state and national standards, this program will be designed to teach the students to appreciate each other and will help them think critically about what they read.

Is it mandatory?

Absolutely not. We only want students who truly want to be enriched with a strong reading program. Students who cause disruption or use the online tools for inappropriate behavior will be punished and forced to leave the program. We want this to be a positive and enjoyable experience that will prepare our advanced readers with a life-long love for reading.