Yorkshire Terrier

Morgan Leis


Yorkies were named after their Yorkshire England (Complete Dog Guide 4). The full name of the Yorkie is Yorkshire terrier; originally, Yorkies belonged to the middle class. Shockingly, the Yorkie was used to catch rats (American Kennel Club 2), but eventually, according to the American Kennel Club, The Yorkie “became a companion animal to families of European high society,”(2).Yorkies appeared in their first England show in 1862, and the Yorkies made its first appearance in America around 1872 (American Kennel Club 6). In England, where Yorkies first appeared, They were called “Broken-haired Scotch terrier” (American Kennel Club 5). In 1872 they were officially called the Yorkshire terrier (American Kennel Club 3). In 1885 The American Kennel Club recognized Yorkies as a true dog breed (5).

Health information, and Statistics

As one of the Most popular dog breed today, Yorkies come with alot of health benefits. According to the Complete Dog Guide “Generally an alround healthy breed. If any problems, likely to be kneecap or elbow dislocation, cataracts, epilepsy and Leggs Perthes disease” (8). A Yorkie will do well in any living environment, whether they're in the country or the city (Complete Dog Guide 9). However, Yorkies do need at least one walk a day, if not more (Complete Dog Guide 11). Your Yorkie could be as long as about 18 to 25 cm, and They can weigh up to 7lbs. (Animal Discovery 2).


When your Yorkie is being judged, there are many criteria you must meet. Foremost, Your Yorkie’s hair should be black, brown,or tan, and the hair should be parted on the face ( The Yorkshire terrier Club Of America 1). Secondly, your Yorkies eyes will be judged; according to Richard F. Sedlack “Round eyes are not correct. These like tiny pig eyes are not the correct Yorkie expression” (2). The last year a Yorkie won the best in show was in 1987 by Cede Higgins owned by Barbara and Charle Switzler (Westminster Kennel Club 2). WHo knows maybe your Yorkie will be the next to win.


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