Stock Cars

by:Jadah Adams

What are Stock Cars

Stock cars are most likely the fastest car.Stock car racing is one of the biggest sports.Stock car engines burn way more fuel than regular cars.The engines are the most important things you change to make a stock car.Most of the stock cars reach up to the speed by 200mph.The largest body of stock car racing is American NASCAR.As the stock car racing sports grows in population the fans base in changing from southern male.

Facts about stock cars

Different stock car teams earn money from racing.When the race is over the stock teams removes the main body part of the car,the block.The stock car teams can spend 1$million or more for the engines.During the stock car race the stock car team usually changes out each engine of each car.Stock car racing grew in population again during 1990-2000.Stock car racing is mainly found in the United States and,Canada.The most important championship in stock car racing in NASCAR sprint cut series.