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Weekly BCMS Staff Bulletin | March 23, 2015

Important Events of the Week

  • Mar 24 . 8th Grade Field Trip Team 8B and 8C
  • Mar 25 . 8th Grade Field Trip Team 8A
  • Mar 26 . CLUBS
  • Mar 27 . Faculty Meeting
  • Mar 27 . Advisement (Grade 7 and 8)
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Instructional Highlights of the Week

Finding Your Voice

Our 8th Grade Language Arts teachers (Ms. Oates, Ms. Wilson and Ms. Rivard) invited guest speaker Ms. Beth Volpert-Johansen a Freelance Writer and Video Editor at NightGlass Media to our school. Ms. Volpert is an experienced content provider, ghost writer and editor who spoke with our students about "Finding Your Voice". She shared her experiences working for the Grayson Gazette and teaching as an elementary teacher. However, her passion is writing and currently the Lead Writer for the Gwinnett Citizen. Ms. Volpert stated how important it is to listen to people's stories and how to use their voice to become familiar with character traits. In addition to observing a person's character traits, learn the mechanics of writing, "a writers voice is something that is uniquely their own, and makes them familiar to you."

Instructional Website

Thank you Ms. Tyler for the instructional website recommendation.
Click on link below to access the website.

It's Club Time . . .

Integrating Technology During Club Time


Helping Teachers with Technology One 'RAM' Click at a Time.

eClass Widgets

Create USATest Prep Questions of the Day by embedding code from their site. Click on link below to access the codes to add to your eClass pages! See BCMS eClass landing page for an example. Ask me for help if you are having trouble embedding the codes.

Creating with Google Docs

This notebook was created in Google docs. Students might find the online notebook template useful. Click on Google Doc link below to view and copy the template. Enjoy.

Encouraging Positive Classroom Management

An online behavior management tool to help encourage positive classroom management. Click on link below to access site.

Technology Question of the Day

Are your students lacking simple fundamental technology skills?
Contact your LSTC today to assist you with developing your students tech skills!