JISD Library Services Newsletter

January 2020

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Honorary Librarian for a Day

Dr. Ball visited Veterans Memorial Library on Friday, January 31st to be an honorary librarian for the day. She helped to teach social studies classes in Holocaust Remembrance Week stations and helped English students select and check out Read Woke books for their self-selected reading needs.

Holocaust Remembrance Week

JHS Library

Students at Judson High School learned about using their artistic voice as a means of protest for National Holocaust Remembrance Week.

VMHS Library

Social Studies classes went through three stations @ your VMHS Library during the week of January 27th, the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. In station one, students watched an 8 minute film supplied by the San Antonio Holocaust Museum about a child's shoe found in Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp. They were able to view pictures also provided by the museum. In the second station, students checked their knowledge on Fake News. Antisemitism began centuries ago with propaganda and disinformation. Fake News is more prevalent and pervasive in our modern, social media driven world, so it is important for students to able to spot it so as to not perpetuate it. In the third station, students rewrote Martin Niemoller's "First They Came" poem to make it current and relevant to their lives.

Events & Activities @ Your JISD Libraries

Woodlake & Paschall Elementary

Students at Woodlake and Paschall Elementary have enjoyed creating with STEM lessons in the library. First and second grade created snow, discussing polymers, osmosis and physical change. Third grade created polar bear dens using toothpicks and marshmallows, discussing structural supports. Fourth and fifth grade created catapults, discussing simple machines, levers, and fulcrums.

Hopkins & Candlewood Elementary

Students at Hopkins and Candlewood started out this month with a Book Tasting. Students of all ages were able to 'taste' a wide variety of new titles that were recently added to the library collection. PreK and Kinder students were able to check out their first nonfiction books of the year, while older students loved discovering new books to read that they didn't know were available.

Kitty Hawk Middle School

Seventh grade has been learning about animal adaptations. I was able to bring in an Animal Adaptations Trunk from The Texas Wildlife Association for students to explore and investigate in a hands-on lab. Their objective was to learn what these animals eat, their habitat, determine if they are a predator or prey, and find other interesting facts about the animals. Students learned by feeling real animal pelts, animal skulls, and use resources to locate information.
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Judson High School

The Judson High School's Rocket Reader Cafe opened for students and staff on January 8th. Each morning, Rockets can fuel up with warm beverages and breakfast bars to power through their days. Students love the look and feel of the cafe, and the JHS librarians are seeing students visiting the library more regularly when they see all the recent changes. The library will be hosting book clubs, poetry readings, and other events throughout the year.

Wortham Oaks Elementary

The Library and Kindergarten students celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.! After listening to a story about Martin Luther King Jr., the Kindergarten students wrote and illustrated ways that they can help make our world a more peaceful place.

Friends of JISD Libraries Mug Shots

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Thanks to our Friends from Wortham Oaks ES for supporting the Friends of JISD Libraries Group. Pictured are Peims Clerk, Betty Ortiz and School Secretary, Jocelyn Clark. We appreciate your support!