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GLA kicks off ISO implementation!

As most of you know, GLA has decided to pursue our ISO 9001 certification. We are starting the implementation process. What is ISO 9001? It's a quality management system that is recognized worldwide. It affects just about every aspect of our business, that impacts the quality of our products or services. It requires that we inspect and define our quality processes and ensure continual improvement to those processes. Achieving this certification won't be an easy task, but once earned, it will open many doors for us and enable us to do business with much larger clients including the US Government and auto manufacturers who require ISO certification from their suppliers.

What does that mean for you? ISO 9001 requirements are completely integrated into your daily work practices and your job training. As a result, you will be working in an environment in which all employees are committed to performing their work in the best possible way. An environment that encourages employees to help improve our processes, which helps improve the overall job satisfaction of our employees. We will utilize auditors to verify that the ISO system is properly implemented and followed.

As an employee we will need you to uphold our quality policy, perform your work in a consistent manner and according to your job requirements, keeping in mind that our customers deserve the best that we can offer. Remember that you are one of our most valuable assets. Please contribute to our success with your improvement ideas and help us to keep the lines of communication open.

In other news...

NATE focused on increasing safety awareness

Recently, NATE has created several safety awareness videos as part of a national push to help promote safety in the tower industry. NATE continually pursues safety through its' member involvement of Industry Standards and NATE standards. NATE also works with state and federal officials in developing and addressing regulations that most directly affect its members. To see their first two safety videos, click HERE.

To visit NATE's YouTube channel for more videos, click HERE.

Welcome our recent new hires!


Joe Beaudrie-Facilities Manager

Sharon Beaudrie-Facilities support team member

Joey Sundin-Facilities support

Jeff Leitner-Geotechnical Project Manager

Joy Laurie-Project Coordinator/Receptionist


Dustin Anatosian-Tower Technician

Nicole Berns-Moore-Payroll Assistant

Justin Webb-Field Superintendent/Safety Inspector

Questions? Contact your Management team:

Dundee office line: 734-868-0130

Jason Curley: Dir. of Operations X204

Troy Zochowski: Snr. Project Manager x201

Jeff Varty: Project Manager x212

Jeff Leitner: Geotechnical Project Manager x210

Kevin Haener: Designer x205

Trisha Beaudrie: Purchasing Manager x213

Jordan Zornow: Production Manager x209

Donna Michel: Accounting x207

Susan Richardson: Human Resources x206