A Step Forward

By: Nate Rojo

The Civil Rights movement has had a huge impact on on society today. Even though it may not have completely taken segregation out of the U.S, It diminished it by a ton. In 1948 President Truman signed the executive order 9981, even though this was only applied to persons in the armed forces, it was the first step towards civil rights. The next step was the supreme court declaring segregation in public schools unconstitutional. A Step after step we came closer to where we are now. A big impact on the civil rights movement was Martin Luther king, He lead many nonviolence protest, gave many speeches. His most well known one was his "I Have A Dream" speech.


There where a couple different types of tactics that where used in the civil rights movement, but there where two that stood out the most. The men leading these groups of people had two completely different views on the situation.

One thought the African Americans just didn't belong there and he was frustrated that the nonviolent ways where causing them to loose their own movement. His name was Malcolm X. His tactics where bases off of Elijah Muhammad. He lead a group called the black Muslims. Malcolm had found them when he was in prison

Martin Luther king had a totally different approach to the situation. He used nonviolence acts such as marches, freedom riders, and public speeches.

Mavis Staples, We Shall Not Be Moved

Throughout this whole song, the artist repeats the line "we shall not be moved". What they are saying is that we, as in the people standing for civil rights, shall not be moved. They only change the last line of each phrase. Saying, the union is behind us, we are fighting for freedom, we are fighting for our children. Which is just explaining everything that they are fighting for. In the second to last line of the song they say Black and white together. It shows what the whole purpose of the Civil Rights movement is. To have Blacks and Whites stand together. It also says at the end, young and old, Which expands the meaning to movement from blacks and whites to young and old as well. The song covers the Whole movement and beyond, which is why it is a great song for it.