Chia Seed Lab Project

By: Joey Stellato and Caroline Weidman

Purpose of doing the lab?

The main reason why we did this was because we were curious if the Gatorade would help the chia seeds grow. If it did we could tell people to use Gatorade for starting to grow plants, so they will grow faster and healthier.

Why did we choose this specific project?

We chose this project because we found out after researching many different pages that sugar can help plants that haven't grown leaves, grow faster. We researched that water mixed with sugar will help a plant survive. Just like sugar gives us energy it gives the plant energy to. The nutrients in sugar help the plant build its own energy to help it grow and survive. And Gatorade is full of water and sugar.


If we put the 4th amount (100%) of Gatorade in the cup with seeds, then the seeds will grow the tallest because it will have more added sugars and electrolytes than the others, which will help the plants grow taller and quicker.


Control variable: Same soil, sunlight, and amount of liquid

Independent variable: What amount of Gatorade we use

Dependent variable: How much the chia seeds grow (cm)

Extraneous variable: How much sunlight comes through each day, amount of nutrients in the soil, if the chia seed could be a “dud”


  1. Get 4 cups

  2. Fill each cup with soil

  3. Bury 5 chia seeds in each cup, 1 centimeter down

  4. Water each day with 4 different amounts of gatorade and water adding up to 1 teaspoons each day. 1st amount: 100% tap water, 2nd amount: 25% Gatorade, 3rd amount: 50% Gatorade, and 4th amount: 100% Gatorade

  5. Place all cups under a grow light shelf

  6. Measure plants each day (cm) and record


The seeds that were given 25% Gatorade grew the tallest (1.75 cm), followed by the seeds that were given 100% water (1.5 cm). The chia seeds that were given 50% and 100% Gatorade did not grow at all.


In conclusion we think this Lab was useful. Although our hypothesis was incorrect, it let us know that maybe to much sugar water damages/kills the plant. We found out that just a little bit of sugar water added with the normal amount of liquid applied to the plant can help it grow.

Future Lab

If we did this lab again, we would put the plants under natural sunlight, change Gatorade to just sugar and water, and add more liquid. We would put it in the sunlight because maybe the chia seeds are adapted to that and they could grow better. We would change Gatorade to just sugar and water so it doesn't have all of the extra ingredients in Gatorade on the plants. We would want to add more liquid because it seemed like the soil was dry and that the plants weren't getting enough liquid.

Data Table

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