JFK Assassination

by Christian Soliven Period 1


The date is November 22, 1963. President John Kennedy was riding in back a limo - on elm street - when a bullet killed him. At this time he was by Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas. No one is sure of the reason or how President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, but there are multiple theories on who and how they did it.
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Media's Bias

The category of bias that you see periodically throughout the theories of JFK's assassination would be considered bias of omission . It is because each slab of text that you read about the assassination has different sources depending on which side of the argument the writer is siding with. They use omission to establish their point with a stronger backing up than any other story. The stronger backing up leads to the audience to find it more credible and believable.
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Media's Criticism

There were multiple variations that the Media portrayed this event. One perspective they used was historical. For example, multiple articles regarding the CIA theory are backed up by facts from the past. The Bay of Pigs and other past events have been brought up. This grants the article a more historical aspect.
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Media's Portrayal

There are multiple lenses and perspectives that were used to view this event. One perspective that the media used to view this was a marxist lens. They used a marxist lens because JFK "betrayal" of the CIA made him into a "have-not."

Another perspective that was used to view this event was archetypal. This "hero" JFK suffered a downfall due to his flaw. There is an article that stated JFK was going past his norms to satisfy his dominant interest in aliens. It states that JFK went behind regulations and protocol to access classified intel on extraterrestrial life forms. Maybe this could of triggered his downfall.

My stance on this event stayed the same. I think that there was a lone gunman -Lee Harvey Oswald - and his military training allowed him to execute such a shot. People say that there were multiple shooters because of the way JFK's head jerked back. That can be explained by the nerve exploding upon impact. This debunks some of the other theories out there.

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