Lawyer Project

By Bryce D.

General Duties of a Lawyer

  • They advise and represent clients
  • Conduct research
  • Interpret laws and regulations
  • Prepare legal documents

Duties of a Corporate Attorney

  • Serve to the interests of the corporations
  • Provide business advice
  • Assist in the areas of law concerning mergers, tax laws, employment, real estate, etc.
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Speaker Info

  • The BAR exam is a difficult, two day test where one day is all multiple choice, the other a written situational day
  • Lawyers can have a difficult time working with some cases due to personal reasons

Rainmaker Info

  • Starting out isn't always easy, typically the first place a lawyer works is always their worst
  • Young lawyers are very underappreciated versus more experienced
  • A win in the courtroom doesn't always result in a victory outside of it